What Happened to Tree T-PEE After Shark Tank?

Many irrigation systems have been developed to help farmers grow crops more efficiently. One of them is Johnny Georges’ Tree T-PEE. Its structure uses a containment device that helps save a lot of water during the growth of trees. The entrepreneur pitched his company on Shark Tank and closed a deal with guest Shark John Paul DeJoria. By 2024, Tree T-PEE is estimated to be worth $50 million.

About the Founder

Farmer Johnny Georges grew up in Winter Haven, Florida. Although he is the current head of the company, Johnny was not the original founder. That was his father, Rick Georges.

Rick is considered a pioneer in the crop irrigation industry as the inventor of the micro sprinkler in 1970. He focused primarily on citrus farming and irrigation, continually searching for ways to water citrus trees.

When Johnny reached a certain age, Rick passed on everything he knew to his son. Johnny worked for his father for over 20 years, where he gained first-hand knowledge of irrigation projects, well drilling, and water pump installation.

establish a company

Rick originally created the first T-PEE for trees to protect young trees from frost, and in 1984 he launched the cone-shaped product under the name Georges Enterprises Inc. While observing the invention, Johnny realized its potential to save water.

Johnny thought that even more resources could be saved if a specialized irrigation system was used to spray water only inside the cone, but water was cheap at the time, so Rick didn’t think such an adjustment was necessary.

As times changed, Johnny didn’t waste the opportunity to upgrade his father’s creation and turned it into what it is today. The official product was launched in 2005 by the new company, GSI Supply, Inc. They have sold approximately 127,000 units in twenty years.

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Shark Tank Appearance

Johnny Georges’s company was old, but still relatively small in 2013. He wanted to move his business outside of Florida, so he signed on for Season 5 of Shark Tank and paid $150,000 for a 20% stake.

The man, an unassuming farmer, was a bit overwhelmed when he took the stage and even choked up at one point. It didn’t help that Kevin O’Leary started asking some intimidating questions.

Johnny stood his ground and gave an honest answer. Guest Shark John Paul DeJoria sympathized with Johnny and offered to give him what he was seeking.

After Shark Tank

The Tree T-PEE campaign was a very moving episode. It was very emotional by the end of the show, and those tears paid off as the company is now thriving. They sold thousands of units that night, and through distribution over the years, the episode has been seen by millions.

With the help of billionaire John Paul DeJoria, the product is available in 80 countries. The Tree T-PEE is most commonly found at Home Depot, but you can also buy it directly at TreeTPee.com. On their website, this tree watering device has an average rating of 4.7 out of 15 reviews. The company is so successful that it is valued at $50 million.

Despite this, Johnny Georges has not released any recent sales figures, but according to zoominfo.com, the company’s annual revenue is estimated at $5 million. Some websites, such as marketrealist.com, believe the company’s market value should be $100 million, but this valuation is unrealistic.

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