Former Kazakh minister kills wife, destroys career and personal life

Kuandyk Bishimbayev, a former senior official in the Kazakh government, was arrested following the violent death of Saltanat Nukenova — a case that exposed major shortcomings in the Kazakh government’s handling of domestic violence and sparked calls for major legal and social reforms.

Tragedy draws attention to systemic problems

On November 9, Bisinbayev and Nukenova were dining at his family’s restaurant in Astana, which was closed to the public at the time, when an argument escalated into violence and Bisinbayev violently attacked Nukenova, recording the process on surveillance video, although officials attempted to delete and manipulate evidence to show that Nukenova was still alive; authorities were ultimately able to recover the video and confirmed that her death was likely due to severe head injuries sustained during the attack on the evening of November 9.

Bisinbayev, whose career has been tainted by multiple corruption scandals, is currently facing charges in his wife’s death, an incident that sheds light not only on how domestic violence is treated in Kazakhstan, but also on the reprisals others may take for his actions.

Legal framework and public response

Nukenova’s death has sparked widespread public condemnation and calls for changes to Kazakhstan’s legal approach to domestic violence. Critics claim that existing laws are woefully inadequate, and point to a 2017 legislative change that moved domestic violence crimes from the Criminal Code to the Administrative Code, significantly reducing the consequences faced by perpetrators of domestic violence.

Prominent lawyer Zhanna Muhamadi expressed her displeasure on social media about the negligence of men who hurt their wives. Almaty’s children’s rights commissioner Khalida Azhigulova also expressed dissatisfaction with the legal system’s practice of treating serious injuries such as concussions or broken bones as minor crimes.

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Ineffective police intervention in domestic violence cases has sparked outrage, with many calling for the re-criminalization of violent crime and stricter measures to protect victims.

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The cases of Bisinbayev and Nukenova highlight the urgency of reforms needed in Kazakhstan’s response to domestic violence, with activists and public figures calling for tougher penalties for domestic violence and an aggressive law enforcement policy aimed at protecting victims.

The discussion has expanded to include attitudes in society that encourage domestic violence. Domestic violence education must become more fully part of mainstream public awareness.

As Kazakhstan grapples with domestic violence, advocates and community members hope Nukenova’s tragic death will not be senseless, but will spark meaningful, lasting change to combat this form of abuse.

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