What happened to long table pancakes after Shark Tank?

What happened to long table pancakes after Shark Tank?

Heirloom grains are grown from seeds that have been passed down through generations. This makes them more authentic as they are free of any genetic modification. Long Table Pancakes are made with heirloom grains so they taste better and are more nutritious. Founder Samuel Taylor pitched his product on Season 14 of Shark Tank but no deal was struck. In 2024, Long Table Pancakes is valued at $900,000.

Founder Background

Samuel McClure Taylor was from Chicago, Illinois. Little is known about his educational background, but he did pursue artistic dreams early in life. He co-founded The Back Room Shakespeare Project, a small Chicago theater company that opened branches in New York and Los Angeles.

In 2015, he began writing about his acting career. Taylor has published two books, “The Shakespeare Cult Blueprint” and “My Life with the Shakespeare Cult.” His knowledge of Shakespeare landed him a job as a lecturer at the University of Chicago, where he taught for more than four years.

The birth of long table pancakes

This writer became obsessed with making pancakes to please a vaudeville performer he fell in love with. His pancakes needed to be light, yet rich enough to keep his partner energized during his performances. This led him to discover heirloom grains.

pancakeThe two eventually married, and their love for pancakes never faded. People who tasted Samuel’s pancakes encouraged him to start a business. Two of his friends offered to design the packaging and website, while his mother handled the paperwork.

Taylor couldn’t say no, so he invested $5,000 and started Long Table Pancakes in 2015. He sources heirloom grains from legal growers and sells pancake mixes, waffle mixes and maple syrup.

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Appeared on Shark Tank

Initially, it was all just a side hustle, but when the pandemic hit, Samuel focused on starting his own business full-time because acting work had dried up. By mid-2020, he had doubled his income, but it was still only around $20,000 a year.

To meet the growing demand, the aspiring businessman needed to raise funds to expand his business. Tyler worked up the courage to apply for Shark Tank, and producers chose him to star in Season 14, Episode 10.

The bearded Samuels threw hard, and the Sharks loved the pancakes. Mark Cuban called them “the best pancakes I’ve ever had.” “Friends” star David Schwimmer also made a surprise appearance, which excited the Sharks.

Success after Shark Tank

Sam comes across as a very likeable guy, and Schwimmer’s brief cameo helps. After the January 2023 episode aired, the pancake mix company received over 20,000 orders. He even sold out of stock before the show aired! In the last eight months (June 2023-January 2024), the company has done $1.25 million in sales! Before Shark Tank, Long Table Pancakes had done $250,000 in sales in six years!

Interested viewers can purchase packages or wholesale products on their website, LongTablePancakes.com. They are also available in 20 local stores in Illinois, New York, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Sam is offering a 15% discount on orders.

Many of their meal kits have received five-star reviews from customers on their website. This is a good sign that the company is doing well and will be looking to expand into new areas. Currently, Long Table Pancakes is valued at $900,000.

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