Australia’s ‘Shark Tank’ cast ranked by net worth

Despite being a popular show, Shark Tank Australia was canceled in August 2019 after four seasons. Luckily, the show is returning in 2023 with a new cast. Despite the new faces, the old Sharks still perform amazingly. Here is a list of the cast and their individual net worth.

Australian version of ‘Shark Tank’ cast net worth

1. Glenn Richards – $400 million

As one of Australia’s wealthiest men, it’s no surprise that Glenn Richards was chosen as a judge on Shark Tank. Glenn joined the show in its second season, replacing the outgoing John McGrath.

Glenn started out as a veterinarian and became an astute businessman. In 1994, he founded Greencross, Australia’s largest pet care company. Greencross listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in 2007 and was acquired by TPG Capital in 2019.

He also amassed a fortune as a director of Montserrat Day Clinics and PetBarn. His most profitable investment on Shark Tank was furniture startup OneWorld. These investments helped him amass a fortune of $400 million.

2. Andrew Banks – $300 million

Andrew Banks has dabbled in a variety of industries, but most of his success has come in the field of human resources. He started out as a humble actor, but fell in love with HR after working for an oil company called Elf Aquitaine. This inspired him to start a management consultancy firm, Talent2 International, in 2003.

Prior to this, he was already a well-known venture capitalist and real estate investor. Andrew made one of the biggest deals in Shark Tank history with iCapsulate, but unfortunately, the company went bankrupt. Despite this, Banks still has a net worth of $300 million.

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3. Janine Allis – $70 million

Janine Allis is a retail mogul specializing in food and beverage products. At 17, Janine worked as a media assistant, model, and gym assistant manager. In 2000, Allis started a juice company at home and named it Boost Juice. The company is now a successful franchise company with more than 580 stores in 13 countries.

After the success of Boost Juice, she formed a holding company with her husband. Retail Zoo is the parent company of other businesses such as Cibo Espresso and Salsa’s Fresh Mex Grill. Her most notable Shark Tank deals are The T Lady, Her Fashion Box, and Pentablock. Janine Allis’ personal wealth is estimated at $70 million.

4. Steve Baxter – $50 million

Steve Baxter is a well-respected tech entrepreneur and investor. He joined the army as an apprentice and later became an engineer. Baxter appeared on four seasons of Shark Tank Australia.

After leaving the military, he used his savings to found the internet service company SE Net in 1994. Later, Baxter founded PIPE Networks, River City Labs, and Right Pedal Studios. PIPE Networks was the main source of Steve’s wealth, and he sold the company to SP Telemedia for $373 million.

Steve was also one of the two investors who struck a deal with QPay, one of the most successful businesses on Shark Tank Australia. As a result, Baxter’s net worth is around $50 million.

5. Naomi Simson – $40 million

Naomi Simson is a role model for many female entrepreneurs. Simson is a blogger, author and media personality who was part of the original cast. Naomi made millions starting RedBalloon, a company known for selling experiences rather than gifts.

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Simson founded Big Red Group, a holding company that develops experiential brands such as Experience Oz, Lime & Tonic, and Adrenaline. With her fame, she has published three business-related books. She was Steve Baxter’s partner in the deal with QPay. Currently, her wealth is estimated to be $40 million.

6. John McGrath – $15 million

John McGrath made millions from his real estate business. However, some fans may not be familiar with him because he left after the first season.

In 1988, John wanted to reinvent the real estate industry. So he founded McGrath Real Estate Agency, now known as McGrath Limited. Today, the company is regarded as one of Australia’s “largest real estate networks”.

Despite his brief appearance on Shark Tank, he still managed to strike some deals on the show, most notably with Charley Char. Today, he remains an active businessman with a net worth of $15 million. According to The Sydney Morning Herald, John was in $16 million in gambling debts in 2018. As of April 2024, McGrath Ltd has a market value of approximately $95 million.

New Sharks and Their Fortunes

  • Robert Herjavec – $200 million
  • David Fogerty – $175 million
  • Catriona Wallace – $100 million
  • Sabri Subhi – $75 million
  • Jane Lew – $55 million

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