Genius Litter – Sales have skyrocketed since Shark Tank!

Urinating problems in cats can be hard to detect. Sometimes, we don’t find out until it’s too late. Genius Litter’s cat litter solution prevents this by changing color when it detects abnormal urine. Ramon van Meer dressed up as Albert Einstein to promote his product and landed a deal with Lori, Mark, and Robert. Genius Litter is now worth $5 million.

About Ramon van Meer

In addition to early disease prevention, Genius Litter addresses the shortcomings of traditional cat litter. It has virtually no odor, won’t clump or stick to your cat’s precious paws, and only needs to be refilled once a month.

The serial entrepreneur began buying and selling content sites on Flippa. One of those sites was, an entertainment blog he sold for $8.75 million. He used the money to buy Alpha Paw for $300,000 and sold dog ramps worth more than $35 million, according to My First Million Podcast.

The Birth of Genius Litter

Mr. Van Meer has always been a pet lover. He came up with the idea for Genius Litter when his cat, Quincel, nearly died from a feline urinary tract infection (UTI). Thankfully, he made it to the vet in time.

He then began researching disease detection solutions for cats. He discovered dog urine pads that could detect health problems in advance and created a similar product in the form of cat litter.

In 2020, Ramon founded Genius Litter, partnering with experienced chemical engineers and veterinarians. In three years, the startup grew its annual revenue from $500,000 to $4.6 million.

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After Shark Tank

After a memorable campaign, the company saw a surge in orders. During the campaign, the brand had sales of $3.1 million and profits of $456,000 that year. Genius Litter should have revenues of more than $4 million by 2023.

With Ramon’s digital marketing skills, they should break $10 million in annual revenue by 2024. Increased Google brand searches will also help improve their website rankings and reduce acquisition costs. The deal with the Sharks should be completed within the next three months.

Their products are available in over 1,500 stores including Target and PetSmart. You can buy them online at Amazon and the Alpha Paw website. However, their post-Shark Tank discount is only available on their website,

A bag of cat litter costs $25 before discounts, but you can save more by ordering in bulk. On Amazon, this health-monitoring cat litter has an average rating of 3.9 stars from more than 6,650 customer reviews.

While Genius Litter has already achieved a lot in terms of revenue, there is still a lot of room for growth. The pet care market is reportedly worth $143.6 billion in 2023, with non-food products accounting for more than half of that figure.

Ramon’s biggest competitor is Pretty Litter. They also sell deodorant and health monitoring products, but Pretty Litter is more established, has higher sales, and has over 30,000 online reviews. Given Ramon’s track record of scaling businesses, Genius Litter should be a huge success.

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