Israel-Iran war reasons, attack news, list of countries supporting Iran and Israel

Tensions between Iran and Israel are rising. Iran began launching drone and missile attacks on Israel late Saturday night. The United States shot down some of the drones. The day before, Iranian forces captured a cargo ship sailing from the Gulf of Oman through the Strait of Hormuz to India. The cargo ship belonged to a London-based company owned by an Israeli billionaire.

After Iran launched a missile attack on Israel, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that he would respond defensively and aggressively. Netanyahu posted a video from the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office on X, in which he said that we are ready for any situation, whether it is defense or offense. The State of Israel is strong. The Israel Defense Forces are strong, and the people are strong.

Iran launched its first direct attack on Israeli territory late Saturday. Iran fired missiles at Israel, raising the risk of a massive escalation of tensions. According to Reuters, sirens were suddenly sounded in Israel late at night and thunder and explosions were heard. But no casualties were reported so far. Israel said more than 100 drones were launched from Iran.

Comparison of military strength between Israel and Iran

Netanyahu: We will defend ourselves against any threat

List of countries supporting the Israel-Iran attack

“We are grateful to the United States for standing with Israel, and to the United Kingdom, France and many other countries for their support. Whoever hurts us, we will hurt them. We will defend ourselves against any threat and will do so sincerely and firmly. “We will stand together with the help of God, and together we will defeat all enemies,” Netanyahu reiterated.

“I strongly condemn the grave escalation caused by Iran’s massive attack on Israel,” UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said on Twitter. “I call for an immediate cessation of these hostilities. Neither the region nor the world can afford another war.”

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Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations, Gilad Erdan, wrote on the 10th: “I have sent an urgent letter to the President of the Security Council tonight. I call on the Security Council to hold an immediate meeting and ask the Security Council to clearly condemn Iran’s attack on Israel and declare the Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization. Iran’s attack poses a major threat to world peace and security. I expect the Security Council to take all means to deal with Iran.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said on Twitter that Iran’s airstrike on Israeli territory on Saturday night was irresponsible and in no way justifiable. We support Israel and will discuss everything further with our allies.

Reasons for the Israel-Israel War: Why did Iran attack Israel?

Iran announced it would punish Israel after an airstrike on the Iranian embassy in Damascus, Syria, on April 1 killed seven Iranian officers, including a senior general. Iran accused Israel of being behind the attack. Since then, Iran has been in turmoil over missile and drone attacks.

After the incident, Israeli military spokesman Daniel Hagari said: “We will not remain silent about any form of attack. We will respond.” Six countries, including India, the United States, Britain, Russia, France and Germany, have issued warnings to their citizens, advising citizens not to travel to Iran and Israel.

US President Biden warns Iran not to attack

The Wall Street Journal said Iran may attack Israel in the next two days. The Wall Street Journal revealed the news on Friday, citing information from US intelligence agencies. The Wall Street Journal quoted an Iranian official as saying that the attack plan had been shared with Iran’s Supreme Leader Khamenei. They are assessing the possible impact of the attack.

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Late Friday night, the US president issued a warning to Iran over the growing tensions between Iran and Israel. He said: “Do not attack. We will defend Israel. We support Israel. Iran will not succeed.”

According to The Times of Israel, the USS Eisenhower aircraft carrier is en route to Israel via the Red Sea and is capable of intercepting missiles and drones launched by Iran.

Iran has instructed the United States not to obstruct

On April 6, Iran, which was preparing to retaliate against Israel, warned the United States not to intervene in the Israeli issue. Mohammad Jamshidi, the “Deputy Chief of Staff” of the Iranian President, once told the United States, “Don’t fall into the trap of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. If you don’t want to be hurt in the attack, stay away from it.”

Jamshidi said the United States responded to his warning and should not attack their targets. Later, CNN quoted a US official as saying in its report: “The US military remains highly alert to Iran’s warnings.”

US seeks China, Saudi help to thwart Iran attack

On April 12, US Secretary of State Blinken spoke with foreign ministers of Saudi Arabia, China, Turkey and many European countries by phone, calling on all countries to persuade Iran not to attack. US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said that escalating the dispute would not benefit anyone.

The hatred between Iran and Israel is well known, although the two countries have never dared to confront each other directly. Iran always turns to organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah. At the same time, Israel directly attacks Iranian bases. Now, if Iran directly targets Israel, the biggest danger is that this war will spread to the entire Middle East, and the consequences will be dangerous.

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Russia issues warning

The Russian Foreign Ministry has warned its citizens not to travel to Israel, Palestine and Lebanon in particular. This advice comes after the US reported that Iran has begun preparing to attack Israel. It is believed that if this happens, a new war will break out in the Middle East.

Which countries border Iran?

If Iran attacks Israel directly, a major war may break out again in the Middle East. The whole world may be threatened because then Muslim countries such as Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Qatar, Jordan, etc. will openly support Iran because the United States and Britain have already announced their support for Israel. Experts say that if the war lasts for a long time, the world may be divided into two factions.

Russia is originally a military ally of Iran. In addition, due to the Ukrainian war, Russia’s relations with the United States and other European and Western countries are tense, so Russia can also stand on Iran’s side and mobilize allies such as China and North Korea to support Iran.

Pakistan, which is dominated by Sunnis, views Iran, which is dominated by Shiites, as an enemy country, so it can stand with the United States. India can remain neutral, but Saudi Arabia cannot become an accomplice of Iran. The relationship between the two countries has always been not very good.

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