Israel vs. Iran Military Power Comparison: Which Country is More Powerful?

When it comes to military preparedness, both sides use aggressive rhetoric. According to The Sun, Iran lags behind Israel in terms of defense budget, but is far ahead of Israel in terms of the number of active troops. The report said that Israel’s defense budget is $24.2 billion, while Iran’s defense budget is $9.9 billion. When it comes to air power, Israel has 612 aircraft and Iran has 551. However, when it comes to tanks, Iran is almost twice as strong as Israel. Israel has 2,200 tanks and Iran has 4,071 tanks.

Iran is also ahead of Israel in terms of naval military power. Israel has 67 warships, while Iran has a permanent fleet of 101 warships. In addition to this, Israel has 43,000 armored vehicles, while Iran has 65,000 armored vehicles. Iran is also stronger than Israel in terms of the number of troops. Israel has 173,000 active military personnel, while Iran has 575,000 active military personnel. In addition, Israel has 465,000 reservists, while Iran has 350,000 reservists.

According to international media reports, Israel currently has 80 nuclear bombs, while Iran officially has no nuclear bombs. Obviously, only by relying on atomic bombs can Israel defeat Iran in a war.

List of countries supporting Israel and Iran

Iran-Israel war power comparison

Comparison of military strength between Israel and Iran

Land Power

Armored Vehicles6576543407
Self-propelled artillery580650
Towed artillery2,050300
Mobile Rocket Launcher775150

Air power

Total aircraft551612
Dedicated attack aircrafttwenty threethirty-nine
Transport aircraft8612
Special Missions10twenty three
Aerial refueling tanker714
Attack helicopterThirteen Forty eight
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Naval power

Fleet Strength10167
aircraft carrier00
Helicopter transport aircraft00
Patrol boattwenty oneforty five
Mine warfare10


  • Israel’s military is technologically advanced and has invested heavily in the latest fighter jets, missile defense systems such as the Iron Dome, and cyber warfare.
  • The country’s strategy emphasizes rapid, high-intensity combat and maintaining a technological advantage over adversaries.


  • Iran’s military strategy is to make up for the shortcomings of aging equipment by expanding the size of the army and focusing on missile technology, including ballistic missiles capable of hitting a variety of regional targets.
  • Iran also utilizes asymmetric tactics, including the use of proxy forces throughout the Middle East, and has placed a heavy emphasis on expanding its drone and cyber capabilities.

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