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Niharika Nm's Biography

Niharika Nm is a 26-year-old Indian digital content creator who became known for captivating the Instagram community with her humorous, relatable Instagram clips in 2020. Additionally, she is the only individual creator to have been selected twice as a global ambassador for YouTube’s initiative Creators for Change, which engages influencers to raise awareness and engage their audiences around important social issues.


As of July 2023, Niharika Nm’s age is 26 years old. Niharika Nm was born on 4 July 1997. Niharika Nm’s zodiac sign is Cancer. Niharika Nm is from Chennai Tamil Nadu.


Niharika Nm’s school name is not available. Niharika Nm’s college name is BMS College of Engineering Bengaluru. Niharika Nm’s university name is Chapman University California. Niharika Nm’s educational qualification is Master of Business Administration.


The name of Niharika Nm’s father is unknown. The name of Niharika Nm’s mother is unknown. The details of Niharika Nm’s siblings are unknown.


The relationship details of Niharika Nm are unknown. The marital status of Niharika Nm is single.



Niharika is a theatre fan. She was interested in theatre and cinema from a young age, but the idea of ​​being part of such productions seemed too idealistic. She first came across YouTube when she was in grade 10, but it was only nearly three years later that she started using it to express herself online through videos. She is known for her unique style of observational comedy and short hilarious skits that entertain her audiences.

On Instagram, Niharika’s video ‘Living Alone 101’ went viral, garnering over 11 million views in less than 13 days. Since then, her follower count has grown exponentially and she is now one of the fastest growing content producers on Instagram. On October 17, 2020, she had just 100,000 followers, but two months later on December 17, 2020, she hit the coveted 1 million followers mark. She currently has over 2.8 million followers across all social media sites and the numbers are only rising. She joins the exclusive group of 0.32% of users who have this level of influence, according to the Mention x Hubspot 2020 Instagram Engagement Report.

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She is known for her series of ‘Types’ videos, ranging from ‘Types of Students Before Exams’ to ‘Types of People in College.’ The first time she decided to make a video titled ‘Types of Students Before Exams’, the video went viral and brought her 10,000 new subscribers within a few hours.

Net worth and income

Niharika Nm’s net worth is around 2 to 3 crore Indian rupees.

6 Interesting Facts About Niharika Nm

  • Niharika Nm is an Indian content creator known for her witty and apt captions on her YouTube videos and Instagram Reels, she lives and works in Los Angeles. She became a YouTube sensation with her typical Bangalore accent.
  • She hated school but was a good student and scored more than 90% in ICSE board exams. Due to her excellent performance in board exams, she chose to pursue science. Later, her parents enrolled her in IIT coaching classes, but she failed completely due to lack of interest.
  • She created a YouTube channel in 2016 when she was a second-year student in engineering college. On July 4, 2016, she posted her first YouTube video titled “Types of People on Their Birthdays.”
  • Her “Types” video series on her YouTube channel humorously depicts different types of people in different contexts, such as the type of person in a restaurant, the type of person in the gym, and the type of mom.
  • She admitted in an interview that she initially uploaded videos just for fun, as she only used YouTube as a creative outlet. As her videos became more popular, viewers soon asked her to be more consistent. She temporarily stopped uploading videos because she couldn’t balance her studies and content creation.
  • In 2018, she became popular with her YouTube video “Types of Students During Exams”.
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