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Biography of Lovlina Borgohain

Biography of Lovlina Borgohain Tring

Lovlina Bolgohain is a famous Indian boxer. She started out as a kickboxer but later decided to become a boxer. She received the Arjuna Award in 2020 for her boxing performance, becoming the sixth person from Assam to receive this honor. She has mastered the Thai martial art of Muay Thai style.

Lovlina Borgohain's birthplace is Golaghat, Assam, India. Lovlina Borgohain's zodiac sign is Libra. Lovlina Borgohain's height is 1.78 meters or 5'10 inches. Lovlina Borgohain's religion is Hinduism. Lovlina Borgohain's weight is 69 kg.

Lovlina Borgohain is only the third Indian boxer to win an Olympic medal, having won a bronze medal in the women's welterweight category at the 2020 Olympics. She also won bronze medals at the 2018 and 2019 AIBA Women's World Boxing Championships. Borgohain is the second boxer from Assam and the first woman athlete to represent India at the Olympics.

Lovlina Borgohain's age

Lovlina Borgohain’s birthday is October 2, 1997. As of 2022, Lovlina Borgohain’s age is 25 years old.

Lovlina Borgohain Family

Lovlina Borgohain's father is named Tiken Borgohain and her mother is named Moromi Borgohain. Lovlina Borgohain has two twin sisters named Licha Borgohain and Lima Borgohain. Her father Tiken is a small businessman who is financially strapped and cannot support his daughter's dream. Lovlina is the youngest sister in the family. After seeing her twin sisters Licha and Lim practicing Taekwondo, she became interested in boxing. She followed in their footsteps.

Starting in 2012, at SAI STC Guwahati, renowned coach Padum Chandra Bodo observed and selected Lovlina Borgohain to learn the basics of boxing and excel in the sport. Boxer Padam Boro first saw Lovlina Borgohain on the track. Padam was amazed by Lovlina's abilities and her height advantage made her more threatening. Lovlina was selected by Padam Boro for the track and started training. Later, she was coached by Sandhya Gurung.

Lovlina Borgohain's educational background

Lovlina Borgohain completed her primary education at Bapata Girls High School in Golaghat. She then went on to pursue further studies at B. Boroa College in Guwahati. The real boxing story of Lovlina Borgohain began when the Sports Authority of India held a women's boxing trial at her school. Lovlina Borgohain participated in the trials held by the Sports Authority of India at her high school, Bapata Girls High School.

Marriage of Lovlina Borgohain

Nabaneet Goswami

After a long relationship, Lovlina Borgohain married her long-time partner Nabaneet Goswami of Jorhat in 2018. According to reports, Lovlina Borgohain filed for divorce from her husband Nabaneet Goswami at the Guwahati Family Court. While the reason for the divorce is unknown, she responded to the allegations in a Facebook video and said that she and her partner have signed a formal document guaranteeing their commitment to each other.

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Lovlina Borgohain's career

Lovlina Borgohain's boxing career

Lovlina Borgohain won the gold medal at the first Indian Open International Boxing Championship held in New Delhi and the silver medal at the second Indian Open International Boxing Championship held in Guwahati.

The biggest turning point in Lovlina Borgohain's career came when she was selected to compete in the 2018 Commonwealth Games in the welterweight category. However, her announcement caused some controversy when it was discovered that she had not received any official notification of her selection. She learned of her selection when the news first appeared in a major media outlet. She was defeated by British athlete Sandy Ryan in the quarterfinals of the Commonwealth Games. Sandy Ryan later won the gold medal in that category.

It was thanks to her win of the welterweight gold medal at the first Indian Open international boxing tournament in February 2018 that Lovlina Borgohain was selected to compete at the 2018 Commonwealth Games. In addition, in November 2017, she won a bronze medal at the Asian Boxing Championships in Vietnam, and in June 2017, she won a bronze medal at the President's Cup in Astana.

In the following months, Lovlina Borgohain won a bronze medal at the 13th International Silesian Championships in Poland in September 2018 and a silver medal at the Ulaanbaatar Cup in Mongolia in June 2018.

Lovlina Borgohain represented India for the first time at the AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships in New Delhi on November 23, 2018, where she won the bronze medal in the welterweight category.

Lovlina Borgohain was selected without any trials for her second Women's World Boxing Championships, which will be held in Ulan-Ude, Russia, from October 3 to 13. In the round of 16, Borgohain defeated Morocco's Bel Abib Omaima 5-0. In the 69 kg semi-final, she lost to China's Liu Yang 2-3 and eventually won the bronze medal.

Lovlina Borgohain qualified for the 69kg Olympic event by defeating Mavtunakhon Meliyeva of Uzbekistan 5-0 at the 2020 Asian and Oceania Boxing Olympic Qualifying Tournament held in March 2020. She has now qualified for the Olympics for the first time for a female athlete from Assam. She won the bronze medal at the Asian Olympic Qualifying Tournament after losing to 2018 AIBA Women's World Boxing Championship silver medalist Gu Hong of China by unanimous decision 5-0.

From October 15 to December 5, 2020, Lovlina Borgohain trained in Assisi, Italy, in preparation for the World Olympic Qualifying Tournament in May or June 2021.

The second boxer from Assam and the first female athlete to represent the country at the Olympics is Lovlina Borgohain. Her win over Taiwan's Chen Nian-chin on July 30, 2021, and her first-round win over Germany's Nadine Apetz earned her a medal. She won the bronze medal after losing to eventual gold medalist and world number one Busenaz Sumeneli in the semifinals.

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In the preliminary round, Cindy Ngamba of the Fair Chance team defeated Lovlina Borgohain 1-4. In the first round, Borgohain defeated former world champion Chen Nien-Chin again.

Lovlina Borgohain unexpectedly lost the Women's 70kg boxing competition at the 2022 Commonwealth Games. Lovlina lost in the quarterfinals in Birmingham in August 2022. In the Women's 70kg competition, Welsh player Rosie Eccles defeated Lovlina Borgohain by a score of 2-3. The favored opponent was defeated by Eccles in the last two rounds, who performed bravely and launched fierce attacks on Lovlina.

Lovlina won the first round 4-1. Lovlina dominated the red corner early on, dodging Eccles' blows and scoring points of her own. Although the second round seemed to go in Eccles' favor, the referee awarded the victory to the Indian boxer with a score of 3-2. However, Lovlina was undoubtedly at a disadvantage, as Eccles fought hard in this life-and-death match and won the round 5-0.

Lovlina Borgohain's achievements


2018FirstIndian Open International Boxing ChampionshipNew Delhi, India
2019secondIndian Open International Boxing ChampionshipGuwahati, Assam, India

International events

2017thirdAsian Boxing ChampionshipsVietnam
2017thirdPresidents CupAstana
2018secondUlaanbaatar CupMongolia
2018third13th Silesian International ChampionshipPoland
2018thirdAIBA Women's World Boxing ChampionshipsNew Delhi, India
2019thirdAIBA Women's World Boxing ChampionshipsRussia
2020thirdOlympic GamesTokyo

Lovlina Borgohain Controversy

Changing coach sparks controversy

lovlina borgohin coach controversy tring

Lovlina Borgohain has revealed on Twitter that she has suffered mental harassment from the constant changing of coaches who helped her win medals. According to Lovlina, who is preparing for the 2022 Commonwealth Games, the constant dirty politics have made it difficult for her to concentrate on training.

Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony

Halfway through the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony, Lovlina Borgohain escaped and was stranded for more than an hour. The opening ceremony lasted nearly two hours, so two members of the Indian boxing team, Lovlina and Mohammad Hussainuddin, decided to go to the sports village not far from the opening ceremony 30 minutes early. Rajesh Bhandari, vice president of the Boxing Federation of India and head of the Indian delegation, was not happy about this. He said that if they wanted to leave early, they should not have come. Many athletes decided not to attend the opening ceremony.

Divorce disputes


Lovlina Borgohain, who married Nabaneet Goswami of Jorhat in 2018, has filed for divorce at a family court in Guwahati. The Assamese boxer uploaded a video on her Facebook page, but the reason for the divorce is not clear. She believes that the media's claims of divorce are misjudged. Lovlina can be seen crying in the video.

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Lovlina Borgohain's Net Worth

As of 2022, Lovlina Borgohain has a net worth of approximately $2 million or INR 150 million. Her boxing career has generated most of her income. She has also been involved in brand endorsements which has increased her wealth.

It is reported that Lovlina Borgohain will serve as the brand ambassador of the Assam Education Department. According to Education Minister Ranoj Pegu, Lovlina will serve as the spokesperson for Assam's education system and inspire women and girls across the state to pursue higher education. Sports management company Infinity Optimal Solutions (IOS) is currently handling Borgohain's endorsements and commercial interests.

Renault presented Lovlina Borgohain with a brand new car. During his brief visit to the city, a senior company official handed the fighter the keys to a Renault KIGER.

Awards received by Lovlina Borgohain

Lovlina Borgohain Awards Ceremony

  • 2020: Arjuna Award
  • 2021: Asom Saurav
  • 2021: Kyle Ratner Award
  • The Board of Control for Cricket in India has allocated Rs 2.5 crore.
  • 1 crore from the Assam government.
  • The Indian government donated Rs. 30 lakh.
  • 3 lakh from the Assam Pradesh Congress Committee.

Assam has officially appointed Lovlina Borgohain as Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP). Her impressive performance at the Tokyo Olympics earned her the DSP post. Lovlina Borgohain was sworn in as the DSP of the Assam Police during an official state-level event held in Guwahati. The two-time World Championships bronze medallist stressed that her immediate goal is to continue with boxing and focus on winning gold at the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Lovlina Borgohain was also elected as the President of the Board of Directors and a voting member of the International Boxing Association Athletes Commission (IBA). In the elections held during the 2022 Women's World Championships, Lovlina Borgohain won the most votes.

Interesting facts about Lovlina Borgohain

  • Lovlina Borgohain came from a poor family.
  • Lovlina Borgohain started boxing at the age of 12.
  • Lovlina Borgohain began training in combat sports at age 13 after watching her two older sisters compete in Taekwondo. However, she only started boxing later.
  • The Sports Authority of India once held a women's boxing trial at her school, and that's where Lovlina Borgohain's real boxing story began.
  • Padam Boro, a boxer from his own country, first met Lovlina Boroghain at a tryout. Padam was shocked by Lovlina's ability, and her height advantage made her even more threatening. Padam Boro selected Lovlina for a tryout and began training with her.
  • Lovlina Borgohain is the first person from Assam to win an Olympic medal.
  • Lovlina Borgohain also studied Taekwondo.
  • Lovlina Borgohain's father worked on a tea estate in Assam.
  • Lovlina Borgohain's two sisters, Licha and Lima, are also taekwondo athletes.

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