Letoya Makhene Talks About Motherhood: “I’ve Been Gifted in the Most Miraculous Way”

  • Letoya Makhene, a popular actress, singer and sangoma, has shared heartwarming photos of her children, despite her doctor's earlier diagnosis that she would never conceive.
  • She expressed gratitude for her miraculous journey to motherhood, giving birth despite initial prognosis
  • Social media responded with love and support, wishing her the best of luck and wishing her to be a good mother.

Letoya Makhene talks about motherhoodLetoya Makhene shares her difficult journey to becoming a mother. Photo: @letoyamakhenepSource: Instagram

Letoya Makhene opens up about her journey to motherhood

“I can't get over the fact that I was blessed in the most miraculous way. Doctors told my parents I would never have children. Now I'm giving birth like Skittles.”

Letoya Makhene fans react to her touching post

“The picture is very beautiful lakucaleni.”

“Keep blessing.”

“Beautiful beautiful babies…….happy mother's day sister”

“Happy Mother's Day Gogo❤️❤️❤️”

“You are so lucky ❤”

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