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Known for her charismatic delivery and poignant lyrics, Detroit rapper Kash Doll turned 32 in March, and she wasn’t just celebrating another year. In honor of the momentous event, she shared some exciting personal news: She and Tracy T are expecting their second child! Here’s more personal updates from Kash Doll and what fans can expect from her music in 2019.

What makes Kash Doll’s 32nd birthday so special?

Kash Doll’s birthday this year is not just about growing up, but welcoming new life. She announced to Tracy T on Instagram that they are expecting another child – Kashton is due in January 2022 – so now the couple is eagerly anticipating the arrival of another little one in June – this time it will most likely be a girl, and Kash Doll shared her hopes and gratitude in a heartfelt post full of gratitude and contentment, hoping to announce the news sometime this month!

How did Kash Doll find out she was pregnant?

Kash Doll announced her second pregnancy while on vacation in Turks and Caicos to celebrate Tracy T’s birthday. Kash had a blast, but noticed something was wrong when she began to feel ill during the festivities; an initial pregnancy test confirmed Kash’s suspicions, and she gave Tracy T an unusual gift: she linked a positive pregnancy test result to a sum of money and filmed his reaction, then shared the video with her fans online.

What’s going on with Kash Doll musically lately?

At this important milestone, Kash Doll is not taking her music career for granted: she is hard at work on her highly anticipated second album, which she describes as the result of her “self-evolution.” According to Doll, this project will show her authenticity and maturity as an artist and person. As the beginning of 2024 arrives, Kash Doll has released new tracks such as “Big 1” and “Fawk Em” – continuing her bold and confident release style.

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How has motherhood influenced Kash Doll’s music?

Becoming a mother had an undeniable impact on Kash Doll’s artistic direction and priorities, shifting her artistic focus from music to the themes of strength and resilience that resonate in her work. Her ability to balance motherhood with music adds relatability and depth, appealing to audiences who appreciate the real-life inspirations that resonate in her songs.

What can fans expect next from Kash Doll?

As 2024 rolls around, fans can look forward to Kash Doll’s upcoming album that will blend fun, sentimental, and adult themes. After setting the bar extremely high with her Gangsta Grillz mixtape “Back on Dexter,” expectations are high for her next effort. Her life circumstances and experiences will likely influence its content to enhance the listening experience.

At 32, Kash Doll has experienced another milestone year filled with joy, challenges, and new opportunities. Her journey of personal development and professional advancement remains fascinating, making her one of the most fascinating figures in hip-hop today.

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