Jb Mauney has a neck injury, what’s the latest? Click here to find out

JB Mauney is one of the legends of professional bull riding, and his fearlessness and competitive spirit have long been revered by rodeo fans. His journey has been marked by countless victories and memorable moments, making JB one of the greatest bull riders of his generation.

What caused JB Mauney to retire?

On September 12, 2023, at the age of 36, JB Mauney announced his retirement from bull riding due to a serious neck injury he suffered while competing in the Lewiston Roundup on September 5, 2023; Mauney fell from a bull and suffered severe trauma that forced him to retire from bull riding forever. Although the injury did not seem serious at first; the consequences were so severe that JB decided to retire from bull riding forever and retired from bull riding permanently.

How serious are my injuries?

Money’s injuries were serious and required immediate professional medical intervention, and he was treated immediately after falling from the bull. He was then airlifted to St. Joseph Regional Medical Center in Lewiston for surgery; although his overall health appears positive, the demands and risks of professional bull riding have prevented him from returning to competition; doctors have advised him not to participate in this high-risk sport.

How has the rodeo community responded?

The rodeo community is known for its solidarity and camaraderie, but when Money announced his retirement, there were mixed emotions, sadness for retiring too early, but also pride for the honor. Jace Lockwood praised Money as an icon who made a huge contribution to rodeo. Rodeo announcer Matt Triplett expressed regret over Money’s early retirement, while also noting that he will continue to have an influence on future riders.

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What is J.B. Mauney’s legacy?

JB Mauney left an indelible mark on bull riding history. His career was filled with championships and breathtaking performances, setting an example of courage, perseverance and excellence in bull riding. He often battled injuries while at the top of his game, which earned him not only championships, but also deep respect from fans and peers. Mauney inspired countless young riders to take up rodeo. His legacy lives on through their accomplishments, and by inspiring young riders to follow in his footsteps and enter the rodeo arena.

How will his retirement affect the sport?

“Money will undoubtedly be missed, but his impact on bull riding will live on. His legacy extends beyond his physical presence in the arena – future generations of bull riders will look to his career as an inspiration and a standard to emulate; his lessons of dedication, perseverance and sportsmanship will continue to shape the spirit of bull riding long after Money is gone.”

What’s next for JB Mauney?

JB Mauney may no longer be competing, but his future remains promising. Whether he chooses to remain involved in rodeo as a coach, instructor, or commentator, he brings valuable experience and knowledge that will greatly help rodeo as a competitive sport. Additionally, his personal journey of recovery from professional bull riding continues to inspire and influence those within and outside of the rodeo community.

JB Mauney’s retirement marks both the end of his bull riding career and the beginning of the sport of bull riding; both personally and in sport. His story of triumph, struggle and ultimate resilience is truly a fascinating one in the world of professional sports.

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