Did Kim Kardashian have a rib removal? 2024 Met Gala revealed

Kim Kardashian’s recent performance at the Met Gala caused quite a stir, sparking numerous speculations regarding plastic surgery. The 43-year-old reality star showed off her incredibly tiny waist, which was accentuated by her Maison Margiela bustier gown; however, it wasn’t just her waist that caught the eye, but also her hands, which were described by many observers as wrinkle-free and smooth, leading many observers to speculate whether Kim had undergone hand fillers, an innovative cosmetic treatment known as hand fillers.

What is manual filling?

Hand filler is a cosmetic treatment that involves injecting dermal fillers into the back of the hands to smooth wrinkles and restore skin texture, creating more youthful hands by reducing veins and improving moisture levels. Similar facial treatments provide instant volumizing effects, allowing patients to see the immediate volumizing effects of hand fillers right away.

Why did Kim Jong-un’s hand cause such a stir?

Social media users and plastic surgery enthusiasts have noticed a significant change in Kim Kardashian’s hands compared to previous years. She once described her hands as “wrinkly and gross,” which made her feel insecure. However, by the 2024 Met Gala, her hands were noticeably smoother and wrinkle-free; Dana Omari-Harrell of Plastic Surgery noted the change and suggested that Kim may have undergone multiple treatments to achieve this result.

What surgeries might Kim Jong-un have tried?

Dana Omari-Harrell reports that Kim Kardashian may have had hand rejuvenation treatments such as Radiesse (a dermal filler), fat grafting, or Sculptra—perhaps a combination of these treatments would have achieved the best results. In addition, laser resurfacing or microneedling may have been used; both of these techniques reshape the skin while stimulating collagen production—although fillers do add volume.

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Can losing weight solve this problem?

Kim Kardashian’s recent weight loss is often mentioned when discussing her smoother hands, as weight loss usually leads to thinning hands, more wrinkles, and a loss of fullness over time. However, at the Met Gala, her hands were fuller and smoother, which could indicate cosmetic surgery rather than just natural changes.

What does this mean for cosmetic surgery trends?

Kim Kardashian’s rejuvenation of her hands with hand fillers has brought attention to a typically unknown cosmetic procedure that could start a trend among fans and potential patients. Given her long-standing influence on beauty standards, this decision could encourage others to explore hand fillers as part of a more widely known cosmetic procedure for both consumers and practitioners. As the stigma associated with plastic surgery decreases and technology becomes more advanced and accessible, we may see not only facial fillers, but also treatments that target specific body parts, like the hands, like we saw with Kim’s hand rejuvenation!

At this time, the details of Kim Kardashian’s plastic surgery remain speculation, although the dramatic results at the Met Gala have undoubtedly sparked widespread curiosity and discussion. Anyone considering similar surgery would be wise to consult a qualified professional regarding the benefits, risks, and ongoing care before making any such treatment decisions.

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