CAKES Body Valuation – The Capuano Twins’ Post-Shark Tank Success

Today, the company relies heavily on social media platforms for sales, and with the power of TikTok, CAKES Body has a valuation of over $1 million. Entrepreneurs Taylor and Casey Capuano, whose company sells nipple stickers and landed a deal with Emma Grede, are now valued at around $3 million.

The Capuano sisters

Tyler and Kathy are twins from Albany, New York, with different academic backgrounds but a shared interest in account management and marketing, and a common entrepreneurial goal.

After college, Taylor worked as an account executive at JetBlue and as a marketing executive at Life is Good. Kathy held similar positions at Pernod Ricard, but they both quit in October 2022 to focus full time on their business. Their shared dissatisfaction with traditional sports bras led to a creative brainstorm that led to the creation of their company in 2016.

Originally named Nipple Armor, the sisters received a cease and desist order from a major sports brand, which threatened their dream. However, adversity only fueled their determination.

Launch of CAKES Body

Their flagship product, a revolutionary nipple patch made from 100% silicone that eliminates skin irritation, was so popular that due to limited resources they were only able to offer an initial run of 500 units, which quickly sold out in early 2022.

The brand’s explosive growth is a story of strategic social media engagement. Initially focused on Instagram, Taylor’s move into TikTok was a game changer. The Hype Girl program, which partners with influencers, not only expanded brand awareness but also significantly increased sales, resulting in an impressive $1 million in revenue with a modest investment of just $5,000.

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After Shark Tank

The sisters’ appearance on Shark Tank marked a pivotal moment in CAKES Body’s journey. Although the brand was already well-known on social media, the Daily Voice reported that 24 hours after the show aired, the company’s sales tripled compared to normal. The deal with Emma Grede has been completed, and they expect sales to reach $5 million in 2023.

Anticipating this situation, the entrepreneurs savvily stocked up and cleverly offered a 20% discount on their website, You can find it online or access it through Taylor Capuano’s TikTok account.

There are three sizes of nipple stickers to choose from: CAKES Itty Bitty (AA-A cup), CAKES OG (B-DD cup), and CAKES + (DDD+ cup). All sizes are available in three colors and each pair costs $30. Currently, they have seven verified 5-star reviews on their website. On Reddit, negative reviews highlight the challenges of getting nipples to stick.

The company donates $1 to women’s health causes for every product sold. So far, they’ve donated over $300,000. The founders are doubling down on campaigns like these because they work. It would be hard for the girls to maintain sales without relying too heavily on social media traffic. With over 50,000 followers on Instagram, the brand has no trouble gaining attention online.

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