Ashok Shinde – Best Movies, TV Shows, Biography, Birthday, Career, Age

Ashok Shinde - Best Movies, TV Shows, Biography, Birthday, Career, Age


Ashok ShindelinAshok Shinde is a well-known actor who also works as a producer and actor. He was born in Mumbai and grew up there. He was born into a family of makeup artists and his father worked in the film industry. He is known for his outspokenness, optimism and work ethic. He obtained a degree in electronics engineering and later worked in the telecom industry for about six months. After some time, he returned to the film industry, this time following his father’s footsteps and becoming a makeup artist.


Ashok Shinde was born on 6 July 1961. As of 2023, he is 62 years old. His star sign is Cancer.


ashok-shinde family gatheringAshok Shinde was born into a family of makeup artists, his father worked in the film industry in cosmetics. His father worked as a makeup artist in the film industry, which inspired him to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. His wife Pooja Shinde is an MBA and interior designer, and they have two daughters, Neha and Yogna.


ashok-shinde in the moviesAshok Shinde has been an actor for over twenty-five years. During this time, he has acted in films, television shows, and other productions, both as the lead and in supporting roles. In his career, he has acted in 111 films and 100 television serials, in addition to 42 daytime soaps aired on the Sahyadri channel. One of his recent television productions, Sakhi Saubhgyavat, has been aired on Zee TV. He is a well-known actor in Marathi television serials and films. Kaakan is one of his latest films shot in M ​​Town. He has also been spotted in theatres, where he has acted in several plays, one of which is called PremPremAste.

Ashok Shinde’s Best Performance


PlayYeshwant is a 1997 Indian action-crime film directed by Anil Mattoo and produced by Vijay K. Ranglani. Nana Patekar and Madhoo play important roles in the film. Also, this was the last film of Shafi Inamdar before his death, a year before the film was released. Nana Patekar plays Inspector Yeshwant Lohar, a plainclothes detective. Yeshwant wants his wife Ragini (Madhoo) to focus on her studies so that she can join the Indian Administrative Service (IAS). Yeshwant pretends to be a beggar in order to catch Salim Shaikh (Mohan Joshi), a drug dealer. Salim is sent to jail and Chopra, Lohar’s boss, seems to be impressed by him. But Chopra is dishonest and in fact, Salim paid her. Chopra makes it look like Lohar has killed someone and has him put in jail as well. On the other hand, Ragini is selected for the IAS and becomes a deputy collector. She thinks Salim has framed her husband and tells Salim that she is keeping a close eye on him. Salim gets scared and tries to keep silent in front of Ragini. She refuses his bribe and runs away from the goons Salim has hired to scare her.

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Salim plots to defame Ragini. She is attacked, so he puts Ragini’s old friend John Frank (Atul Agnihotri) in charge of protecting her. Salim then spreads rumors that Frank and Ragini are having an affair, and backs up the claim with fake photos of Frank and Ragini making out. The womanizing priest scolds her and tries to hug her. Salim shows the photos to Yeshwant, who avoids Ragini when he visits his wife. He then gives the photos to the media, which damages Ragini’s reputation in the public eye. After being released from jail, Yeshwant goes to talk to Ragini. She pleads with him to believe what she says is true. Yeshwant becomes furious and starts killing people. He kills Salim’s partner in crime, and then kills Salim himself when he’s dealing illegal drugs. Now that Salim’s crimes are known, Yeshwant is proven right.


PlayAsambhav is an Indian television show aired on Zee Marathi. The show is in Marathi language. Umesh Kamat and Urmila Kanetkar are the protagonists of the show. The show has won many awards. The show is based on the Hindu concept of reincarnation, which is a popular concept. The story follows the actors as they are reborn from their previous lives and the dramatic events that take place in their lives. Chinmay Mandlekar wrote the script for the series and Satish Rajwade directed it. The show went on air on 12 February 2007, replacing Vadalvaat.

The storyline of the TV series is this: A young woman remembers all the bad things that happened to her in her past life and decides to be reborn to seek revenge. As her quest goes on, she discovers many secrets from the past. Adinas Shastri, the second child of Madhusudan Shastri, returns to India from the US on leave and plans to marry his aunt’s sister, Sulekha. They fall in love online and plan to get married and move back to the US together as soon as he returns. Adinas and Sulekha plan to get married soon after their engagement. But his life takes a strange turn when he goes to Konkan for work and accidentally meets Shubra after an accident.

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PlayAvaghachi Sansar is an Indian television serial that airs in Marathi on Zee Marathi. The show has been on air longer than any other soap opera in Zee Marathi’s Marathi television lineup. Due to the critical acclaim of the show, Zee Yuva decided to re-air it on 24 August 2020.

In the TV series, Prasad Oak plays the role of Harshwardhan Bhosale aka Harsh. Asawari Harshwardhan Bhosale and Asawari Raghunath Mohite are both played by Amruta Subhash. Kadambari Kadam plays the role of Antara Raghunath Mohite who is Asawari’s sister.

Maggie Patti Sabajawati

PlayMajhe Pati Saubhagyawati is a Zee Marathi show in Marathi language. The first episode was aired on 28th September 2015, replacing Julun Yeti Reshimgathi. It is the story of Vaibhav Malwankar. About 14 years ago, Vaibhav and his wife Laxmi moved to Mumbai. He wanted to be a successful actor but he got rejected too many times and his dreams were shattered. He had one more chance to give a good life to his wife and himself. He would play a woman who would give her a job and help him change his entire life. Vaibhav Mangle plays Vaibhav Malwankar and Nandita Dhuri plays Laxmi Malwankar, the wife of Vaibhav Malwankar.

Career Timeline





2021 to Present

Swabhiman – Shodh Astitvacha

Prabhakar Suryavansh



Suryakant Gaikwad


Maggie Patti Sabajawati



Lagori – Maitri Returns

Dhanashri’s father


Swapnatchal Pallikadale

Yashwant Patkar



Recurring roles



Negative roles



supporting role


In 1995, he played the role of the Chief Minister’s son in the film Yeshwant. In the same year, he also played Shekhar in Sukhi Sansarachi 12 Sutre. In 1997, he acted in the Marathi film Zakhmi Kunku. Over the years, Ashok Shinde has acted in many Marathi films, including Rangat Sangat, Majhe Ghar Tujha Sansar, Chaukat, Ranragini, Kaal Ratri Bara Vajata, Aevdhese Aabhal and Aai Tulja Bhavani.

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In 2008, he played Shankar in Ashtharoopa Jai ​​Vaibhavlakshmi Mata. He also played important roles in the films Dil Se Pooch… Kidhar Jaana Hai and Jatra: Hyalagaad Re Tyalagaad. In a Marathi film in 2017, Ashok Shinde played the role of Vijay Dinanath Chauhan. He acted in the 2022 film Har Har Mahadev. Timeline also talked about his role in the Marathi film Gharatyasathi Saare Kahi.

net worth

Ashok Shinde’s net worth is estimated to be between 50 lakh and 10 lakh INR. His annual salary is between 5 lakh and 10 lakh INR. He also owns a BMW car.

Interesting facts about Ashok Shinde

  • Ashok Shinde started his acting career in Marathi theatre and later moved to Marathi films.
  • Ashok Shinde is known for his roles in Marathi films Khabardar (1993), Navra Maza Navsacha (2004) and Duniyadari (2013).
  • Ashok Shinde is known for his ability to play many different types of roles on screen, from comic roles to serious and dramatic ones.
  • He has also participated in Marathi television shows and performed well.

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