Worthy of brand valuation – looking forward to a bright future after Shark Tank

Hawaii native Paige Brattin pitched her innovative eye mask product on Shark Tank but didn’t land a deal. Unlike your average entrepreneur, she’s a novelty and isn’t driven by money. Brattin started the company because of her daughter’s vision issues. Worthy Brands is valued at $2 million as of 2024.

Paige Brattin’s Background

Prior to starting this company, Page ran a successful maternity boutique in Honolulu, which she sold in 2008 in order to focus on her family. She also holds a Masters in Education from the University of New Hampshire. As such, she has taught in elementary schools.

Founded “Seeing the Worth”

Page’s daughter suffers from severe amblyopia, so Page founded See Worthy Patches to provide children with comfortable and beautiful eye patches. Brading spent three years developing this product to make it stand out in the market.

The brand later grew to include the Port Worthy patch to ease discomfort from medical ports often experienced during chemotherapy. The business performed well for years, but growth suffered. During the pandemic, sales tripled, but Page faced inventory issues.

Appeared on Shark Tank

The journey to the Shark Tank stage was an arduous one. It required a rigorous screening process, a series of interviews with producers, and a nervous wait to get the green light. With hard work and a creative solution from See Worthy Eye, Paige finally landed a spot on the first episode of Season 15, showcasing her brand to 4 million viewers.

After Shark Tank

Although the episode only aired recently, the attention from Shark Tank has propelled See Worthy Eye into a new tier of sales. You can purchase the patch at worthybrands.com and on Amazon, where Adventure Eye Patches has 1,075 reviews and a 4.6-star rating!

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A week after the show aired, Page issued a press release revealing that she enjoyed the experience and the conversation they had that didn’t end up happening. Despite not coming to an agreement, her mission will gain tremendous exposure in the long run.

A pack of 12 eye masks retails for $27.50 to $28.50 and lasts for a month. They also ship worldwide, which increases their earning potential. Although the product is patented, companies on Shark Tank tend to be influenced by copycats. This has been a problem in the past, with a large company copying their adhesive technology.

The company is growing steadily, reaching $1.7 million in sales in four years. See Worthy Eye’s journey will show how personal motivation combined with a major platform like Shark Tank can propel a brand to new heights.

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