Who is Luka Doncic’s wife, Annamaria Goerts?

Anamaria Goltes is a Slovenian who has come to the limelight mainly because of her relationship with NBA star Luka Doncic. Born in Slovenia on April 30, 1998, Goltes’ life is closely tied to Doncic’s personal and professional life. She completed her education at the University of Ljubljana, a highly regarded school where her father also studied, specifically the Faculty of Economics and Business.

How did Golts and Doncic meet?

The story of how Goerts and Doncic met reads like a fairy tale. They first met when they were just 12 years old, on a cruise in Croatia. That first childhood encounter blossomed into a deep friendship that has lasted through all stages of their lives. Goerts previously told the New York Post, “We met at the seaside in Croatia when we were 12 years old.” The article explains that they have maintained that friendship ever since, highlighting the importance of their friendship.

What is Gore-Tex’s career pursuit?

While public attention has been focused on her relationship with Doncic, Goertek has her own career goals and accomplishments. In October 2021, she launched an online fashion website, marking her entry into the digital content space. Additionally, she announced her intention to develop a fitness-focused clothing line in July 2020. While there has been little update on the project, it shows her passion for both business and fashion.

How has Goelz adjusted to life in Dallas?

Moving from Slovenia to Dallas was a big change for Goerts, who needed to adjust to a new lifestyle and culture. She talked about the difficulty finding local amenities like gyms, grocery stores, and generally building relationships with new people in a city far from home. Despite all of these obstacles, she learned to love living in Dallas and has accepted Dallas as her home.

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What role has Golts played in Doncic’s career?

Golts often appears at Doncic’s games. She often watches him cheering for Doncic, who wears the No. 77 jersey. Golts’ support is not limited to sports. She also plays the role of a companion at different stages of Doncic’s career and life, including important moments such as giving birth to his child Gabriella in 2023.

in conclusion

Anamaria Goltes is more than just Luka Doncic’s fiancée. She is a woman with her own personal passions, career and life story that enhances her relationship with Luka Doncic. From their childhood acquaintance to becoming parents, this story bears witness to their relationship and mutual trust. While they navigate their own paths in professional sports and personal commitments, their bond remains a vital part of their lives, bringing new chapters to this fascinating story.

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