What is Rhonda Hansome Net Worth 2024: Wiki, Real Name, Age, Height, Family and more

Exploring the best female comedians leads us to Rhonda Hansome, an iconic figure in comedy.

In this in-depth look, Rachel Parris takes a deep dive into Rhonda Hansome’s net worth, revealing the financial backdrop to her laughter-filled career.

Join us as we reveal the success story behind her pranks and performances.

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Real nameRhonda is handsome
Popular nameRhonda is handsome
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Place of birthNew York
NationAfrican American
EducationStudied at Catholic School
Marital statusMarried
Sexual orientationdo not apply
Wife/Wife/husbandWhite Jewish husband
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Net valuedo not apply
Origin of wealthComedy, acting, directing
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What is Rhonda Hansome’s net worth in 2024?

What is Rhonda Hansome's net worth 2024

A deep dive into the finances of Rhonda Hansome, a respected figure in the world of comedy and entertainment, reveals a fascinating journey of resilience, talent and multifaceted achievements.

While specific numbers on her net worth as of 2024 are hard to come by, her career trajectory provides insightful data about her financial landscape.

Comparing Rhonda’s accomplishments and potential earnings to her industry peers, such as comedians who have similarly transitioned between stand-up, acting, and directing, can give a approximate number.

For example, peers in her field like Whoopi Goldberg or Wanda Sykes have seen their net worth skyrocket into the millions, largely due to their diverse roles in the entertainment industry.

Rhonda Hansome Full Overview and Wiki

The early beginnings and rise of comedy

Her career embarked on a colorful journey that began in 1975, starring as a puppeteer for Muppet Vazh on Saturday Night Live.

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This initial foray into the world of entertainment set the stage for what would become a rich tapestry of artistic endeavors.

Her turn to stand-up comedy was not just a choice but a calling, filling the gaps between acting gigs with laughter, eventually leading her to perform regularly at venues. university and club in 1989.

Stand up phase

Rhonda Hansome's standing stage

She began her stand-up comedy career in the late ’80s, a decision motivated by the need to make money between acting gigs.

She quickly rose to fame, leveraging her unique voice and perspective to perform in front of music icons and on prestigious stages.

Her stage name, Passion, has become synonymous with groundbreaking performances, including Comedy Comes to Harlem and her own show Last stop before dreadlocks.

Success in documentaries and on screen

A key highlight of Rhonda’s career was her role in Debra J. Robinson’s 1984 documentary I Been Done Been Was Is, which highlighted the obstacles faced by black female comedians .

Her roles in the HBO series First & Ten and films such as Pretty Woman and Little Sister broadened her appeal and demonstrated her versatility as an actress.

Joint venture director

Turning to directing, Rhonda demonstrated her directorial prowess with plays such as Sweet Songs of the Soul and Real Black Men Don’t Sit Cross-leg on the Floor, both of which not only enriched her her investments but can also contribute significantly to her financial success.

Impact and recognition

Throughout her illustrious career, Rhonda has been an inspiration, addressing issues of race, gender and society with humor and intelligence.

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Her honors, including the 1986 Bistro Awards Hall of Fame and a 2019 honoree of the Anderson & Bert Cade Fulton Foundation, underscore her influence and longevity in the arts.

Personal life and inspiration

Born and raised in New York, Hansome’s off-stage life is as rich and varied as her career.

Married in the 1970s to a white Jewish man, she embraced an interracial relationship, adding another layer to her multifaceted life story.

Social media accounts

All About Rhonda Hansome 2024 News List

Comic Rhonda Hansome is featured in I BE DONE BEEN WAS IS showing at the BAM Rose theater

Local Events: Comic Rhonda Hansome @ Bronx Comedy: Mondays on Ave

Frequently asked questions about Rhonda Hansome

Who is Rhonda Hansome?

Who is Rhonda Hansome?

She is a famous American comedian, writer, director and actress known for her engaging and provocative comedy. She delves into topics of race, class and gender with an uncensored perspective.

What is Rhonda Hansome known for?

She is recognized for her work on television shows such as Louie, Saturday Night Live, Caroline’s Comedy Hour, Stand-Up Spotlight, Arsenio Hall, Evening at the Improv, Showtime at the Apollo and The Joan Rivers Show. In addition, she also acted in films such as Pretty Woman (1990) and Little Sister (2016).

Does she perform as a puppeteer?

That’s right, in 1975, she was the puppeteer for Muppet Vazh on Saturday Night Live.

Has she received any awards or honors?

Among her awards, she was inducted into the Bistro Awards Hall of Fame in 1986 and was honored by the Anderson & Bert Cade Fulton Foundation in 2019 for Longevity in Multidisciplinary Artistic Achievement.

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What kind of documentaries has she appeared in?

She was featured in the 1984 documentary I Been Done Been Was Is, which explored the challenges faced by four African-American female comedians, including Hansome herself.

Did she work in the theater?

That’s right, she’s directed plays like Sweet Songs of the Soul starring Melba Moore and Real Black Men Don’t Sit Cross-Legged on the Floor: A Collage in Blues.

What is her background?

She was born in New York and is of African American descent. She attended a Catholic school and married a white Jewish man, whom she met in the 1970s.

Does she have any special nickname or stage name?

She performed comedy under the stage name Passion and was also known as the Nina Simone of Comedy.

What are some of the themes she explores in her comedy?

Her comedy often addresses social and political topics, and she writes the cartoon Politoonitics that offers satirical commentary on current events.

Has she worked abroad?

That’s right, she’s an international performer whose Divorce & Bitterness Tour performed in Tel Aviv. She has also appeared on London Underground TV, The Lenny Henry show and entertained US troops in Korea.


Rhonda Hansome’s journey as a stand-up comedian isn’t all about laughter; it is a story of success, resilience and financial savvy. Understanding her net worth gives us a glimpse into the value of perseverance in the arts.

Her story, detailed here, is an inspiration to aspiring comedians and comedy enthusiasts alike.

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