What is Natasha Leggero’s Net Worth in 2024: Wiki, Real Name, Age, Height, Family & More

What is Natasha Leggero’s net worth? A famous comedian and actor, Leggero has made a significant mark in the entertainment industry.

This article delves into her financial milestones and career highlights, providing a comprehensive overview of her earnings and success.

Quick information

Real nameNatasha Leggero
Popular nameNatasha Leggero
Date of birthMarch 26, 1974
Year old50
Parentsdo not apply
SiblingsNick Leggero
Place of birthRockford, Illinois, USA
NationItalian and Swedish descent
EducationHunter College (2000), Illinois State University, Stella Adler Acting Studio, Rockford East High School
Marital statusMarried
Sexual orientationStraight
Wife/Wife/husbandMoshe Kasher
Datingdo not apply
Net value2 million USD
Origin of wealthStand-up comedy, acting, writing
Height1.5 m

What is Natasha Leggero’s net worth in 2024?

What is Natasha Leggero's net worth in 2024

As of 2024, her net worth is estimated at $2 million. This puts her in a unique position when compared to colleagues like Riki Lindhome, who is both a collaborator and a comedian in the group.

Although Riki’s financial details vary, Natasha’s steady presence on both television and the live stage has ensured a steady stream of income.

Similarly, Natasha Lyonne and Ari Shaffir, both prominent figures in their respective fields, show varying degrees of financial success thanks to their diverse projects and roles.

Leggero’s financial journey mirrors her multifaceted career in comedy and acting, which contributed significantly to her net worth.

Natasha Leggero Full Overview and Wiki

Early life and early career

Born in Rockford, Illinois, Natasha Leggero forged her way in the entertainment industry with a strong background in drama and theater criticism from prestigious institutions such as Stella Adler Studio of Acting and Hunter College.

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This education not only honed her skills but also prepared her for the multifaceted career ahead.

Rise to prominence

Her early career saw a variety of roles, from hosting MTV’s The 70s House to memorable appearances on Chelsea Lately, where her sharp wit and sarcastic sense became her trademark.

These platforms not only helped her hone her comedic style—characterized by observational, blue and insult comedy as well as biting satire—but also raised her profile in the entertainment industry. .

Breakthrough and continued success

Natasha Leggero Breakthrough and continued success

The creation of Another Period with Riki Lindhome marked an important turning point in Natasha’s career, demonstrating her abilities not only as a comedian but also as a creator and writer. manufacture.

The show, a satirical take on historical documentaries, ran for multiple seasons on Comedy Central and expanded Natasha’s influence in the industry.

Her roles in various animated series such as Ugly Americans and Brickleberry further demonstrated her versatility and helped stabilize her income, thereby increasing her net worth.

Diversified into voice acting and script writing

Voice acting has become another strong avenue for Natasha, with significant roles in popular animated sitcoms that cater to adult audiences.

Diversifying into different entertainment mediums not only expanded her reach but also contributed significantly to her financial portfolio.

The release of The World Worthy of My Children added another dimension to her author career, tapping into the literary comedy market.

Current projects and joint ventures

In recent years, she has remained active in the comedy industry with projects such as Tubbin’ with Tash and her role as host of Rat in the Kitchen on TBS.

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Each of these projects contributed to her net worth, enhancing her financial stability and ensuring her presence remained strong in the competitive entertainment field.

Personal life

Her personal life reflects a rich tapestry of cultural and personal development.

Her marriage to comedian Moshe Kasher in 2015 marked a personal milestone, and they welcomed their first child together in 2018.

The couple’s shared comedy profession has certainly enriched their family life with humor and creativity, making their home in Silver Lake, Los Angeles a vibrant and dynamic environment.

Social media accounts

All About Natasha Leggero 2024 News List

She’s taking part in several major events, including the Netflix Is A Joke Festival, where she’ll perform with Moshe Kasher at The Masonic Lodge in Hollywood on May 4.

Natasha will be featured in her first WKND comedy show at Collective Snowmass on February 17, where she will perform alongside other comedians, helping to expand the local comedy scene in Snowmass, Colorado.

Frequently asked questions about Natasha Leggero

What is Natasha Leggero known for

What is Natasha Leggero known for?

She is best known for her role as the acerbic, upper-class character on the Comedy Central series Another Period, which she co-created. Natasha is also recognized for her appearances on numerous baking specials and her stand-up comedy performances.

How did she start her career?

She began her career performing comedy at clubs around Los Angeles. She became famous for her appearances on many late-night talk shows and comedy specials.

Has she written any books?

As of my last update, she hasn’t authored any books, but she’s famous for her comedy writing on TV shows.

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What are some of her most famous TV shows?

In addition to Another Period, she is also known for her roles in The Do-Over, Dice and as a frequent roundtable guest on Chelsea Lately.

Does she have any upcoming projects?

Information about her upcoming projects can often be found on her official social media profiles or recent press releases.

Is she on social media?

Yes, she is active on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram where she shares updates about her professional life and personal insights.

What is her comedy style?

Her style is often described as edgy, edgy, and often focuses on cultural themes, social norms, and upper-class absurdities.

Where can I see Natasha Leggero perform?

You can watch her performances on various streaming platforms featuring her television shows or specials. She also tours and performs stand-up across the country.

Has she won any awards for her work?

She has not won any major awards but has received critical acclaim for her comedy and television roles.

What is Natasha Leggero’s background?

She was born on March 26, 1974 in Rockford, Illinois. She studied at the Stella Adler Conservatory of Music in New York City and then attended Hunter College.


Natasha Leggero’s journey in comedy illustrates why she ranks among the most successful stand-up comedians today. Her financial achievements reflect her talent and hard work.

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