What happened to the copy keyboard after Shark Tank?

What happened to the copy keyboard after Shark Tank?

Ever since Larry Tesler invented the copy-paste feature in 1974, it has made life easier for millions of people. However, Copy Keyboard takes things to another level, with this tiny keyboard with just two keys claiming to make copy-pasting even easier. Scotty Trujillo’s product took TikTok by storm and was featured on Shark Tank in 2023. Sadly, he wasn’t able to land a deal. After Shark Tank, Copy Keyboard is worth an estimated $200,000.

About the Founder

Scotty Trujillo is originally from Fresno County, California, and holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Colorado State University. After graduation, his career took a different path, but his technical knowledge has served him well.

The California native had an entrepreneurial streak in mind, starting Great Greek Shirts, a screen printing company that provided custom shirts to fraternities and sororities. The company was active from 2013 to 2016, when he became e-commerce manager for Electronic Recyclers International (ERI).

In his free time, Trujillo enjoys browsing TikTok and making his own content from time to time. One of his most popular videos is one where he searches for the owner of an unexpected package that was delivered to his doorstep.

Original Copy Keyboard

While working in e-commerce, Scotty spent a lot of time pressing the old CTRL+C and CTRL+V keyboard combinations. He realized that copying and pasting computer data was a tiresome part of many people’s jobs today.

This inspired him to design a plug-and-play macro keyboard with two keys, copy and paste. Before this, there were emoticons with similar concepts on the Internet. Many people showed great interest, and the concept was realized.

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In 2021, Scotty introduced Copy Keyboard to the public through a TikTok video, which went viral within a few weeks. The video has now been viewed over 30 million times on the platform, and the founders began shipping units in late 2021.

Appeared on Shark Tank

The first batch was so successful that Trujillo sold two more in the following months. He wouldn’t reveal first-year sales figures, but from the looks of it, they were pretty good.

He created different versions of the Copy Keyboard, many of which sold out quickly. A producer on Shark Tank was looking for new business and invited him to apply for the show through his unique product on TikTok.

Scotty Trujillo appeared on Shark Tank Season 14, and shortly before filming, the founder suffered a broken arm. Fortunately, this did not stop him from marketing his business. Trujillo came across as a likeable young man, and the sharks were impressed with how he built his product himself. Unfortunately, sales were too low to entice the sharks to make an offer.

After Shark Tank

Before Tank, Copy Keyboard had never had a problem getting attention, but being on national TV was on another level. Copy Keyboard went viral again on social media, and 30 days after the airing, the product should be worth at least $50,000. The virality of the product helped drive sales, but the challenge was keeping it in stock.

The device is available at CopyKeyboard.com and Amazon. The original version is available in two colors and costs $19.99. Their new LED keyboard is also available in two colors and is a $24.99 value. Currently, this keyboard is sold out and should return in February 2024.

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Also, the device is not unique, there are dozens of such devices for sale online. Scott believes his device is of better quality because he makes it by hand. He also expanded the product line by designing a three-keyboard design.

Judge.me users give the company an average rating of 4.9 stars with 47 reviews. Sales are good, and the product is popular among people working in technical and management jobs.

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