Vincent Kompany’s wife, his daughter Barclays Premier League and spouse Carla Higgs

Vincent Kompany, now the manager of Burnley, has had an illustrious career as a player and coach. His career was heavily influenced by key figures such as Sergio Aguero, Yaya Toure and Nedum Onuoha. These relationships had a profound impact on both his professional trajectory and his personal life.

About Kara

A major milestone in Vincent Kompany’s life was meeting his wife, Carla Higgs, who is a huge supporter of Manchester City. The two met through former teammate and Manchester City academy product Nedum Onuoha. The friendship between Kompany and Onuoha started long before Kompany joined Manchester City, when Onuoha went to watch Kompany play for Hamburg.

“I knew Vinny before he joined Manchester City,” Onuoha recalls. “He was a promising player at Anderlecht and Hamburg. I went to Hamburg to watch him play, where he was playing as a No.10 and was doing really well. We spent a few days together and became friends. I liked him so much that I introduced him to a friend of mine in Manchester, Carla. A few months later, he not only signed for Manchester City, but he also married Carla and now they have a child.”

Defensive duo

During their time at Manchester City, Onuoha formed a formidable defensive partnership with Kompany, and Onuoha often praised Kompany’s character and playing style, highlighting his mental toughness and leadership.

“Vinnie was never bossy, but he knew exactly how he wanted to play,” Onuoha said. “Playing with him as a centre-back, I always knew how he wanted me to play with him. If he wanted to be aggressive, he needed someone to cover him. He would go forward and trust me to cover him. He made it easy.”

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Leadership Qualities

Kompany’s impact on City was not limited to his performances on the pitch. He played a major role in establishing the culture and standards at the club. Onuoha highlighted the role Kompany played in instilling discipline and respect in his teammates, organising fines and setting high standards.

“Vinnie helped shape the character of the football club,” Onuoha said. “He was not just a good player, he pushed the standards. He organised the fines, demanded respect from everyone. He was always good at getting a message across to people, even if it had to be delivered in a different way.”

Transition to Coaching

Kompany made the switch to coaching after a stellar playing career, taking over at Burnley. His leadership and strategic acumen translated perfectly into his managerial role, guiding Burnley to promotion in his first season.

Onuoha is not surprised by Kompany’s success as a coach, given his communication skills and mental toughness. “He is mentally very strong and has always been able to overcome his own injuries and setbacks while also helping his teammates to get the best out of themselves,” Onuoha said.

Building a Legacy

Vincent Kompany’s legacy in football is reflected in his achievements both on and off the pitch. His relationships with key figures such as Sergio Aguero, Yaya Touré and Nedum Onuoha have had a profound impact on his career and personal life. Onuoha was the catalyst for his meeting his wife Cara, a major personal milestone.

All in all, Vincent Kompany’s football career has been filled with relationships, professional achievements, and exceptional leadership. His ability to overcome challenges and lead by example has earned him widespread respect and admiration. As he continues to explore his career, his contributions to football will have an impact for many years to come.

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