Video of Diddy beating Cassie, click here for full details!

In March of this year, a disturbing incident occurred between singer-songwriter Sean “Diddy” Combs and his ex-girlfriend Cassie (her real name is Casandra Ventura). A video surveillance video recently discovered and released by CNN shows Combs and Cassie arguing at a hotel. According to the video, Combs shoved Cassie and then moved her out of the camera’s view.

What are the legal charges against Combs?

Cassie made serious allegations against Sean Combs in a federal lawsuit in November, which was eventually settled within days of being filed. In the complaint, Cassie accused Combs of more than a decade of sexual and physical assault. She accused Combs of beating, raping, and kicking her during their relationship. Additionally, she claimed that Combs manipulated her into their relationship and controlled everything in her life since she began her current career under his name.

What specific events does Cassie describe?

One of the main elements of Cassie’s allegations is an incident that occurred at a Los Angeles hotel in 2016. Cassie claims that Combs, who was drunk at the time, hit her in the face, leaving her with a black eye. After the argument escalated, Combs chased Cassie through the hotel hallway, yelling in her face and throwing a glass bottle at her, which broke when she ran into the elevator.

What is the status of the criminal investigation?

According to the latest news, a criminal investigation involving Combs is ongoing. According to sources cited by NBC, federal authorities in Manhattan have questioned several people, including three women and one man, on charges of sexual assault, illegal drug trafficking and guns. Despite these investigations, it has not been determined so far whether Combs is legally or civilly responsible. His legal team said Combs is determined to clear these charges.

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in conclusion

The allegations against Sean “Diddy” Combs are serious and have attracted widespread media and public attention. Although legal proceedings in one of the cases have been settled, the ongoing criminal investigation demonstrates the complexity of this case and the potential for widespread impact. Combs has maintained his defense, but his legal and public trial is likely to continue as more information and evidence comes to light.

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