Uday Pandhi – MTV Hustle 03, Songs, Age, Facts and More

Uday Pandhi - MTV Hustle 03, Songs, Age, Facts and More


Uday Pandey

At just 18 years old, Uday Pandey hails from Delhi, a city known for its rich cultural and artistic diversity. As he stepped into the vast world of music, he began honing his skills and craft, composing a few tracks early in his career. Although his current catalogue is small, each track proves his potential and growing talent, boding well for his future.

His most significant breakthrough so far was participating in MTV Hustle 3.0. This platform serves as a springboard for aspiring rappers, providing them with a major, high-profile stage to showcase their talents. In this competitive environment, each contestant must put forth their best performance. His participation in this show has added considerable recognition to his budding career in the music industry, making him a figure to watch in the coming years.


As of 2023, Uday Pandhi is 18 years old. He was born in 2005 in the city of Delhi.


Currently, there is no information available about Uday’s personal life and family details.


Educational information about Uday Pandhi is not available at the moment.


As of 2023, there are no confirmed details about Uday Pandhi’s relationship status, but it is known that he is not married yet.


Uday Pandey

At this early stage in his career, Uday has already made impressive progress. Committed to perfecting his artistry, he has invested time into creating a collection of understated, yet engaging tracks. While his current catalogue may not be large, it is still strong, with each track serving as a stepping stone in his rapidly evolving art. Through his music, Uday has demonstrated his undeniable potential and growing talent, laying the foundations well for an ambitious future in the music industry.

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One of the most significant milestones in Uday’s career was participating in MTV Hustle 3.0. The platform is known for providing a lot of attention to aspiring rappers, allowing their talents to quickly rise to the forefront of the music industry. Immersed in this competitive atmosphere, Uday and his peers were constantly urged to improve their performances and give their best work in the fierce competition.

Participating in MTV Hustle 3.0 not only added luster to Uday, but also enhanced his reputation in the music industry and greatly increased his popularity. His performance on the show, coupled with his obvious talent, earned him higher praise than other musicians of his age, making Uday Pandhi a promising singer to watch out for in the coming years.

18-year-old Uday Pandhi calls Delhi his home – a city revered for its rich artistic heritage and deep cultural diversity. This thriving environment has shaped Uday, inspiring him to embark on a musical journey that is both vast and exciting.

Known works

MTV Hustle 03 (2023)


MTV Hustle is a famous reality show in India that focuses on rap and hip-hop music. The show airs on MTV India and serves as a launch pad for potential rappers to become the next big star in the Indian hip-hop industry.

Top artists from the Indian music industry including rap maestro Badshah and acclaimed team leaders EPR, Dino James and Dee MC will return as judges. In the current Season 3, Ikka Singh joins the judging panel as the youngest team leader.

The dynamic duo Super Manikk and Wicked Sunny serve as the hosts of this season’s exciting show, taking viewers through the intense competition. Among the contestants is Uday Pandhi, an emerging hip-hop artist whose fame is rising fast. He is a proud representative of the Dee MC Dynamites team.

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MTV Hustle provides a great stage for emerging talents to showcase their unique rap skills and gives viewers an up-close look at the growing diversity and expansion of the Indian hip-hop scene.

Music career


Despite being only 18 years old, Uday Pandhi has already shown great potential as an emerging rapper. Hailing from Delhi, he has not let his age limit his ambition or talent. He is currently one of the participants in the much-watched TV show MTV Hustle, where he rubs shoulders with many talented young rappers from across the country.

Uday also manages his own YouTube channel, which currently has 16.4K subscribers. The platform provides him with a great space to showcase his talent and interact directly with his growing fan base. He regularly releases his musical compositions here, which are a blend of groovy beats and thought-provoking lyrics that reflect his unique style.

Among the contestants on MTV Hustle 3.0, he and GAUSH are known for their outstanding lyrics. Both of them have received attention and widespread praise for their lyrics. Their ability to weave compelling stories and emotions through words has made them stand out from the competition and become the best on the show.

Career Timeline


YearSong Title
20232023 Introduction
20222022 Introduction
2022Random Free Verse
2021Bart Hoodsey
2021No sublimation
2021Fall (REMIX)
2021Deep Bar
2021Random Talk (feat. Lekh Haq)
20212021 Introduction

net worth

Currently, there is no information about Uday’s net worth.

Interesting Facts

Uday Pandey

  • Uday Pandhi was only 18 years old.
  • He is an up and coming rapper from Delhi.
  • He is best known for his participation in MTV Hustle 3.0.
  • He wrote some songs early in his career.
  • As of 2023, there is no confirmed information regarding his relationship status.
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