Tyla Explains Her Fashion Choices and Signature Distressed Outfits: “I Cannot Let It Go Just As Yet”

  • Tyla recently opened up about her fashion choices, which have now become a defining part of her identity.
  • The famous singer Water explained that she and a friend were coming up with unique pieces of fabric for her and started tearing the fabric into pieces.
  • Fans were captivated by Tyla's story and assured her they loved her distressed outfits

Tyla talks about her signature fashion choicesTyla explains what inspired her signature distressed outfits. Image: tylaSource: Instagram

Tyla discusses her outfit choices

“I fell into this look because Thato and I had to transform fun outfits from whatever we had. So we tore off the clothes and tied everything around my waist (Flinstone style). It started from there and now I can't let that happen just like that.”

Peeps react to Tyla's signature look

“You remind me of Halle Berry in 'The Flinstones'. So gorgeous!”

“Your style is so unique and adorable, honey.”

“No matter what, you always eat. You can wear a plastic bag and still serve.”

“You guys did great! Now, every time we see a pained/inappropriate look on your face, everyone thinks of you.”

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