Trump’s rally today. What did Trump say at the New Jersey rally?

Former President Donald Trump spoke to a large crowd in Wildwood, New Jersey, strongly condemning the hush money scandal as a “scam.” Trump targeted several people in his speech, including Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, who he disparaged as “Fat Alvin,” and the judge in the case, calling him “corrupt” and “deranged.” Although Trump was under a gag order that threatened penalties and fines for violations, he avoided directly mentioning jurors or witnesses involved in the case.

How does Trump view his legal challenges?

Trump believes that the legal action against his personal assets is politically motivated and aimed at stopping him from running for president. Trump claims that he would not have taken legal action even if he had not won the election and was actively running for president. According to him, his involvement in politics is the only reason behind his so-called “witch hunt.”

What lies did Trump repeat during the 2020 election?

In his speech, Trump reiterated several previous false claims about the results of the 2020 presidential election. Despite overwhelming evidence and multiple court rulings confirming the legitimacy of the election, he continued to spread rumors that the election was stolen.

What does Trump think of Biden’s foreign policy?

Trump criticized Vice President Joe Biden’s foreign policy choices and his decision to withhold aid to Israel as it grapples with Hamas in Gaza. Trump called the decision “alarming,” especially given the situation currently facing American hostages being held by Hamas. It’s important to remember that Hamas’ claims must be independently verified to ensure their accuracy.

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How did the Biden campaign respond?

Michael Taylor, communications manager for the Biden campaign, said the Biden campaign’s strategy is not focused on holding rallies or attacks for individual supporters, but on securing the votes needed for the next election. He also mentioned plans to attract people through various events, such as concerts in places such as Madison Square Garden.

in conclusion

Trump’s recent rally in the New Jersey capital showcased his continued influence over certain groups and his ability to draw large crowds. His speech showcased his views on the political and legal issues he has to face, saying they are purely motivated by his political enemies. Whether these assertions make sense will be scrutinized by the courts and debated in the political arena. With the upcoming election, the political atmosphere is becoming more heated, and both parties are rethinking their strategies to attract the American people.

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