Suhas Paranjape – Biography, Age, Career, TV Shows

Suhas Paranjape - Biography, Age, Career, TV Shows


suhas paranjape biography age career tv shows 1Suhas Paranjape is a talented Indian television actress who has risen to fame in the Marathi television industry. She is widely praised for her brilliant portrayal of comic characters in the popular Marathi show Comedy Express. Her comic timing and versatile acting skills have won the hearts of the audience.

Apart from comedy roles, Suhas has also showcased her acting skills by playing villain roles. She performed very well in Nanda Sakya Bare, where she played the role of a mother-in-law named Swanandi.

In this role, she plays a selfish and mercenary mother-in-law who mistreats her daughter-in-law, Swanandi, due to her obsession with wealth and financial gain.


Suhas Puranjape was born on 1 January 1970. She is currently 53 years old as of 2023. Her star sign is Capricorn.


Suhas Parajape is a well-known actress in the Marathi television industry. She is widely praised for her exceptional talent in playing comedic roles in the popular show Comedy Express. Since the inception of the show, Suhas has been an integral part of the show, bringing laughter and joy to the audience with her perfect comedic rhythm and moves. Some of her famous roles in the show include Celebration, Tumcha Mulaga Karto Kai (What does your son do?), Playing Chingi, etc., which were loved by the audience.

Besides her comedic prowess, Suhas also showcased her versatility by playing a negative role in the family drama Nanda Sakya Bare, where she played the role of Lalita, a self-centered mother-in-law who mistreats her daughter-in-law, Swanandhi, the show’s strong and respectable heroine, played by Swanandhi Deshpande.

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Suhas Paranjape’s comedic talent has earned her widespread fame as a prominent figure in the show Comedy Express. Her ability to bring laughter to the audience has made her a much-loved artist in the Marathi television industry. She has also appeared in the Marathi show Maharashtracha Hasyajatra, further showcasing her acting prowess in various genres.

Suhas Paranjape’s best work


202307241844 5tBNWro9ZSV63U8mMaharashtrachi Hasyajatra is an Indian Marathi comedy show that has been airing on Sony Marathi since 22 August 2018. The show is produced by Sachin Goswami and Sachin Mote under the banner of Wet Cloud Production. It is hosted by Prajakta Mali.

Comedy Express

Comedy Express is a reality show where two stand-up comedians share funny stories from their lives. The show searches for the best comedy groups across the country through a talent search. It provides a platform for talented groups to showcase their comedy skills.

The show begins with 12 teams selected through pre-show auditions, and each week the teams will compete in elimination rounds. After several weeks of elimination rounds, the remaining teams will be selected as the best team. To advance to the next round, the teams must come up with new and creative skit ideas for each performance.

Their performances and creativity determine which teams will advance to the next round. Teams whose performances fail to impress the judges will not be eligible to enter the next round.

Nanda Sokha Pare

202307241823 DoViWddh6ez6UHelNanda Saukhya Bhare is a Marathi-language television series aired on Zee Marathi. Produced by Aadesh Bandekar and under the banner of Soham Productions, the series premiered on 20 July 2015.

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Career Timeline


TV show



Suhas Paranjape

Vaijayanti Rao Sahib Nagarkar





Nanda Sochabari

Lalita Jahangir Dhar (Villain)


Mohan Awat

Minor Role


Comedy Express

Various comedy characters


Labad Kutri

Minor Role

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