Steve Urkel’s wife, knows all about Jaleel White and Nicoletta Ruhl

Jaleel White is widely known for his iconic portrayal of Steve Urkel in Family Matters, which has made him a classic in pop culture history; even in a career dominated by work and work commitments in the entertainment industry, Jaleel has managed to keep much of his personal life private; in this regard, his wedding celebrations were an impressive milestone.

How did Jaleel White meet Nicoletta Ruhl?

Jaleel White and Nicoletta Rule’s love story began during the COVID-19 pandemic. While training together on the UCLA track team, Jaleel met Nicoletta — an impressive person in her own right, having studied swimming at Yale and later earned a business degree from Stanford Graduate School of Business — and they eventually formed a relationship marked by shared interests and mutual respect.

What was so special about their wedding?

Jaleel White and Nicoletta Rule were married on a sunny Saturday at the Riviera Country Club in Los Angeles for 175 guests, with neutral décor adding an elegant touch. Jaleel and Nicoletta prepared an exquisite menu that included filet mignon, sea bass and vegetables for the occasion.

Who attended the wedding?

The event was attended by Hollywood and sports celebrities such as Omar Miller, Lamorne Morris, Adam Ray Hannah Stocking and Mekhi Phifer as guests, Olympic sprinter Alyson Felix was also in attendance, actress Camilla Belle and producer Sina Sadighi also attended, adding more glamour and excitement to the event.

What was the highlight of your celebration?

One of the highlights of Jaleel and Nicoletta’s wedding reception was their dessert choice – a red velvet wedding cake covered in lemon curd, colored sprinkles, and vanilla frosting – but the real highlight for many of the wedding guests was Jaleel and Nicoletta’s surprise dance to Marvin Gaye’s “Ain’t Nowhere Higher Than The Mountains,” expressing their joyful love through choreographed moves to “Ain’t Nowhere Higher Than The Mountains.”

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How did music add color to their special day?

Jaleel and Nicoletta made sure music was an integral part of the celebration by hiring not one but three DJs to keep their guests engaged. Each DJ brought their own unique style of music to make the event an engaging experience.

What does Jaleel White’s marriage mean?

Jaleel White considers this wedding his first marriage; however, he already shares 14-year-old daughter Samaya with Bridget Hardy from a previous relationship. Jaleel expressed his joy and anticipation for this milestone to Nicoletta during the engagement ceremony.

Jaleel White and Nicoletta Ruhl’s wedding was more than just an expression of love, it was a powerful testimony to their journey together. From meeting during uncertain times to celebrating with family and friends, their story adds a romantic touch to the Hollywood love stories we all cherish. Starting their married life on such an auspicious note promises many wonderful memories to come…with the support of their loved ones around the world!

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