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An inspiring story of love, perseverance, and second chances, Steve and Marjorie Harvey’s relationship has captured our imaginations. From humble beginnings and challenges to an amazing reunion, their story reads like a remarkable modern fairy tale filled with personal and professional triumphs.

Early life and challenges

Steve and Marjorie Harvey’s love story began in 1987 at the Comedy Zone in Memphis. Marjorie showed up late and sat in the front row, and Steve, then an up-and-coming comedian, fell in love with her instantly. Steve even joked during his show that he would marry Marjorie one day; unfortunately, their initial romance only lasted a year and a half, as Steve’s career hit rock bottom and he subsequently experienced homelessness.

Rekindle the flame

After years apart, fate struck again and Steve and Marjorie met through mutual friends in 2005, a reunion that rekindled their initial romance. Steve, now a television personality and comedian, was ready to embrace love again; after a year of dating, he proposed to Marjorie, and they were married on June 25, 2007.

Marjorie Harvey: Fashionista and Influencer

Marjorie Harvey is more than just the wife of an influential television personality, she is also a powerful force in the fashion world. After dropping out of the University of Memphis, Marjorie devoted herself to the fashion industry, attending shows from Hollywood to Paris. Her blog, The Lady Loves Couture, launched in 2007, showcases how she lives a lavish life on a budget while also offering style tips and etiquette advice. In addition, Marjorie Harvey’s wardrobe and handbags further establish her as a force in the field.

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Blended Families

Working together, Steve and Marjorie Harvey have successfully navigated their relationship and the challenges that come with being part of a blended family. Steve brought his four children from a previous marriage into their marriage, while Marjorie brought her three children of her own into the marriage, forming a cohesive unit characterized by love and mutual respect – creating a family unit united by love and respect that fosters positive relationships in a supportive family environment.


The couple’s commitment to giving back is evident through their Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation, which hosts educational workshops, mentoring opportunities, and international service opportunities, specifically targeting youth outreach to inspire the next generation, an initiative that demonstrates their shared values ​​and dedication to community service.

Cultural influence and achievements

Steve Harvey has made a significant cultural impact and achievement through his diverse career, which includes television hosting (e.g. Family Questions) and author/entrepreneurship (Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, became a bestseller in 2009) as well as fashion blogging/vlogging success with Marjorie; their partnership is truly a powerhouse duo.

Thoughts on Love

In a moving letter published in Good Housekeeping magazine, Steve Harvey opens up about their time together and the tremendous impact Marjorie had on him and his life. He thanks Marjorie for being there for him during the most difficult times in his life while emphasizing the joy and fulfillment they shared while together. The letter not only celebrates their love, but also expresses Steve’s deep gratitude and appreciation for Marjorie.

Looking ahead

Steve and Marjorie Harvey remain a true example of a partnership based on mutual respect, shared love, and unwavering support. Their story encourages others to believe in second chances and the enduring power of love; together, they prove that life can indeed be a joyful journey shared with someone special.

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