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Northern Westchester Hospital (NWH) will open a state-of-the-art cardiac catheterization laboratory within the Seema Boesky Heart Center on September 2, 2013. Located on the second floor of NWH, the 1,709-square-foot specialty unit is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of coronary artery disease and will operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, allowing local residents to receive essential cardiac care closer to home, without the need for emergency transfers to Westchester Medical Center in Danbury, Stamford or Valhalla.

Cutting-edge cardiac care services now available

In NWH’s new cardiac catheterization lab, four interventional cardiologists will work under the leadership of Dr. Carl D. Reimers. The facility can perform diagnostic and interventional procedures, such as angiograms and angioplasty. Dr. Reimers emphasizes the importance of timely intervention during a heart attack for the best results. According to his approach, catheterization procedures use thin tubes called catheters to diagnose and treat arterial blockages. “To maximize the effectiveness of a heart attack treatment, opening the artery within 90 minutes of the first medical contact is the ‘magic’ time,” the specialist said. Now, with the opening of this new lab in Armonk, Bedford and Chappaqua, patients living nearby will only have minutes to receive this type of life-saving procedure.

The first 90 minutes are crucial

Dr. Reimers likens the cath lab to two facilities: an advanced X-ray room for performing angiograms and an intensive care unit, which provides critical support, such as injecting medications to thin the blood and maintain blood pressure, while mechanical devices are installed near the heart to help pump blood. The catheterization itself typically uses a catheter with a tiny balloon that is inflated to open the blocked artery, and then a stent is placed to keep the artery open.

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Dr. Reimers described an angiogram as an image of the heart and its arteries that allows him to assess blood flow and pinpoint blockages. For an angioplasty, the surgeon inflates a small balloon inside the blocked artery to reopen it; a stainless steel stent is then placed to ensure blood continues to flow through the artery.

Lenox Hill Hospital expands its expertise

NWH’s new cath lab is an extension of Lenox Hill Hospital, which is known for pioneering angioplasty in the U.S. Lenox Hill and Northern Westchester Hospital, together part of Northwell Health, have been ranked in the top 5% of hospitals in the nation for cardiac services for six consecutive years.

NWH interventional cardiologists are part of the interventional cardiology team at Lenox Hill Hospital and have ensured that their new laboratory provides care on par with the leading heart programs in New York City. The team is led by Dr. Reimers and A. Garvey Rene, who has performed over 3,000 diagnostic cardiac catheterizations and over 900 interventional procedures; Umar S Rashid, a fellowship-trained cardiovascular and interventional cardiologist at Lenox Hill Hospital; and Craig Basman, who has completed three fellowships and published over 30 articles on transcatheter cardiac interventions!

Treatment Options for Coronary Artery Disease

NWH’s cardiac catheterization lab will provide comprehensive care for patients with a full range of coronary artery disease, from early chronic stable angina, where patients experience chest tightness during exercise, to unstable angina, where patients experience symptoms at rest or even during the most basic activities, such as brushing their teeth. Patients with impending acute coronary syndromes will also be treated here, as well as those with severe heart attacks and congestive heart failure, at all stages.

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Bringing advanced cardiac care to the community

The Seema Boesky Heart Center and Cardiac Catheterization Lab mark an unprecedented advancement in cardiac care for the Northern Westchester community. By providing immediate, life-saving procedures performed by top cardiologists, NWH is improving the health and well-being of local residents while reducing emergency referrals for heart attack patients and improving outcomes for heart attack survivors. These new facilities provide advanced cardiac care to residents of Armonk, Bedford and Chappaqua, and beyond, and the Seema Boesky Heart Center is a cornerstone of advanced cardiac care and will offer both diagnostic and interventional cardiology solutions, not to mention a world-class facility!

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