Sanjeevani Bhelande – Biography, Age, Career, Songs, Education

Sanjeevani Bhelande - Biography, Age, Career, Songs, Education


sanjeevani bhelande biography age career songs education 1Sanjeevani Bhelande is an Indian singer known for her contribution to the music industry. Sanjeevani Bhelande was born on January 26, 1970 in a professor’s family in Maharashtra, India. She gained recognition for her beautiful songs in films like Kareeb and Nikamma Kiya. Apart from her film projects, Sanjeevani has also released an English book and album Meera and Me.

As of 2023, Sanjeevani Bhelande is 53 years old and continues to enchant the audience with her soulful voice. Her talent and versatility have enabled her to perform in over 2,000 live concerts, showcasing her passion for music and her stage presence.


Sanjeevani Bhelande was born in Maharashtra, India on 26 January 1970. As of 2023, her age is 53 years old. Her zodiac sign is Aquarius.


Sanjeevani comes from a family of professors, but this information needs to be noted. She is also a skilled teacher herself. She has a degree in music (Sangeet Visharad) and is trained in classical dances such as Odissi and Kathak. In addition to her musical pursuits, she also holds a Masters in Commerce and a Diploma in Mass Communication.


Sanjeevani Bhelande is a dubbing singer who has composed many Hindi film songs. Some of her famous works include Chori chori Nazrein mili from the movie Kareeb, Nikamma kiya from Socha na tha, Uljhanoko de diya from Rules, Makhmali yeh badan from Road, Chidiya tu hoti from Nayak, Churalo na dil mera Sanam, Haan judaise, Tum juda hokar and many more.

Sanjeevani released a unique album and book titled Meera and Me, in which she sang, translated and composed English songs of Mirabai. The album showcased her unique style.

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Another notable work of Sanjeevani is the album ‘Raag in a Song’ which presents classical songs in song form. Her songs ‘Ghar jane de’ and ‘Latt uljhi’ were well received by the audience.

Sanjeevani Bhelande’s best songs

Jori Jori Nazreinmily

Talented singers Kumar Sanu and Sanjivani make their debut on the song Chori Chori Jab Nazrein Mili. The lyrics of the song are penned by Rahat Indori and the music is by renowned music director Anu Malik. Nadeem Akhtar of Paperboyz Studioz has taken care of the graphics and editing of the song. Anu Malik’s soulful composition goes hand in hand with the beautiful vocals of Kumar Sanu and Sanjivani. Chori Chori Jab Nazrein Mili is a memorable song that resonates with the audience with its catchy lyrics and beautiful music. The collaboration of these talented individuals has resulted in an incredible musical creation.

pray for me

The mesmerizing voices of Kumar Sanu and Sanjivani can be heard in the beautiful song Chura Lo Na Dil Mera Sanam. Renowned music director Anu Malik composed the tune and Rahat Indori penned the moving lyrics. Kumar Sanu and Sanjivani’s soulful performance brings out the emotions hidden in the lyrics, creating an alluring and passionate atmosphere. Anu Malik’s Sim perfectly complements the singing, adding depth and charm to the track. The timeless song Chura Lo Na Dil Mera Sanam evokes love and longing with its beautiful melody and heartfelt lyrics. The talents of Kumar Sanu, Sanjivani, Anu Malik and Rahat Indori have combined to create a musical masterpiece that captures the hearts of the listeners.

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Urhanon Kodedia Hai

PlayK.K. and Sanjeevani play the lead roles in the song Uljhanon Ko De Diya Hai and their voices are mesmerizing. Subrat Sinha wrote the poetic lyrics and Sandesh Shandilya composed the music skillfully. KK and Sanjeevani’s enchanting voices bring out the emotions and subtleties of the lyrics and deliver a heartfelt performance. With its captivating melody and arrangement, Sandesh Shandilya’s music complements the vocals perfectly. Uljhanon Ko De Diya Hai is a song that touches the heart of the listeners with its stirring lyrics and melodic composition. The talents of KK, Sanjeevani, Sandesh Shandilya and Subrat Sinha come together to create a profound and beautiful musical masterpiece.

Career Timeline





Dear Babies 2009

Dear babies (AHDDLJ)


Mayan civilization

Juni Juni – Nepali Album


Dada Park Chahalal

Juni Juni – Nepali Album


Happy New Year



Oh, Yarara Bruce Jayan



Urhanon Kodedia Hai

Rules: Pyaar Ka Superhit Formula


Everything is fine



Please bless me

Dear Kaha


Mahmali Yebadan



All good deeds should be forgiven

Ashiyon Se Goli Mar


“Dadekinchawu Mutuma Hora”



Too Hotee Toh



Cuisine of Andhra Pradesh

It doesn’t get any better than this


Hey Ambe Balihari



I spend a good time with you



I love you



Jews in Haan must be given shelter



Rait Yashin Jaggi



Jewish and Karhame


net worth

Sanjeevani Bhelande’s total net worth is INR 1.12 lakh. Through her various songs, productions, and brand endorsements, Sanjeevani Bhelande has become a well-known name in the entertainment industry and has accumulated a considerable net worth.

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Interesting Facts

  • Sanjeevani is the first winner of Zee TV’s Sa Re Ga Ma show and the first talent show contestant to be chosen to do dubbing singing in a Hindi film.
  • Vidhu Vinod Chopra asked her to sing five dubbing songs for his film Kareeb.
  • Sanjeevani has given more than 2000 live performances.
  • Sanjeevani also sang, composed and translated Mirabai’s songs into English.

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