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Samir Diwakar Chowkul was born on 29 June 1973 in Mumbai, India. He is an accomplished actor, writer and comedian who is renowned in the Marathi industry. Samir is known for his comic roles and unique slapstick performances and has appeared in various platforms from theatre to television to films.


Samir Chougol was born on June 29, 1973, and is now 40 years old. As a Cancer actor, he is naturally gritty and emotionally deep, which undoubtedly reflects his versatile acting skills.


Samir’s interest in sports faded during his formative years as his pursuit of acting began to bear fruit during school and college. The support and encouragement he received early on paved the way for his successful career in the entertainment industry.


Samir completed his schooling from Shailendra Educational Society and later graduated from ML Dahanukar College of Commerce in 1993. After a stint in the corporate world, he eventually took up acting full-time in 2002.



While not much information is available about his parents, he is married to Kavita and Samir Choughule has deep roots in the Virar-Nallasopara area where they still reside.


samir-choughle-careerAfter completing his studies, Samir worked in Mumbai before starting his full-time acting career in 2002. Since then, he has acted in many dramas, TV series and films. He is the team leader of the comedy show Maharashtra Festival.

Choughule is also a regular contributor to the Fulora section of Saamana e-newspaper, where he writes about the many flavors of life. Samir has played both lead and supporting roles in several Marathi and Hindi films. He has acted in films like Kaydyacha Bola (2005), A Paying Ghost (2015) as Ganpule, and Chandramukhi (2022) as Battasha. His work in the television industry includes Ambat God, Honar Sun Me Hya Gharchi, Assa Maher Nako Ga Baai as Dhongi Baba, Post Office Ughade Aahe as Nirgudkar.

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Giagoani Juliet

Mahesh Limaye’s 2023 Indian Marathi romantic comedy film Jaggu Ani Juliet. Produced by Punit Balan Studios. The film stars Amey Wagh and Vaidehi Parashurami, with Manoj Joshi, Pravin Tarde, Avinash Narkar, Angad Mhaskar, Sunil Abhyankar, Samir Choughule, etc. The film was released in theaters on February 10, 2023.


Vikun Taak is a 2020 Indian Marathi slapstick comedy film directed by Sameer Patil and produced by Uttung Hitendra Thakur under the Viva Inen label. The cast includes Chunky Pandey, Shivraj Vaychal, Radha Sagar, Hrishikesh Joshi and Sameer Chougule. The film was released on February 14, 2020. The plot is about a Dubai mechanic who returns to India to get married. However, due to a loan taken by his father, the bank seizes his property and his wedding is cancelled.

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Paid Ghost

Ghost is a 2015 Marathi film. The plot is based on VP Kale’s novel Badli. The film was directed by Sushrut Bhagwat and written by Sanjay Mone. It is the first Marathi film to include 70 minutes of visual effects and was produced by Lade Bros Films Pvt. Ltd. Om Kamal designed the visual effects. The film is based on VP Kale’s humorous novel of the same name. It tells the story of an ordinary Mumbai resident and a group of ghosts who help him overcome his daily obstacles.

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TV show

Maharashtra Festivals

Maharashtra Harsia Festival

Maharashtrachi HasyaJatra is a Marathi comedy sitcom that premiered on Sony Marathi on 22 August 2018. Wet Cloud Production is a production house founded by Sachin Goswami and Sachin Mote. Prajakta Mali is hosting the show.

Sareh Tugiahsati

Saare Tujhyachsathi is an Indian Marathi television series that premiered on 20 August 2018 on Sony Marathi and ended on 28 September 2019. The show tells the story of two people, Shruti and Kartik, who come from different backgrounds. Kartik is a classical singer, while Shruti is a fighter. Both are passionate about their careers and have no plans to get married. However, after being persuaded by their families, they decide to look into the possibility of an arranged marriage. The show delves into the complexities of courtship and arranged marriages.

Career Timeline






Katiyacha Pola



Mumbai Merijaan





Vakratonda Mahakaya



Paid Ghost



Mumbai Time








Shashikant Prabhukar


Giagoani Juliet

Television and theatre

samir-choughule-tv-tring-tring-television-theaterSamir is a talented actor in Marathi theatre, known for his performances in many plays. Some of his notable productions include Asa Mi Asa Mi, Varya Varchi Varat, Vyakti Ani Valli, Yada Kadachit, Chalre Bhoplya Tunuk Tunuk, Balak Palak, Shri Bai Samartha, Carry On Heavens (an Indian English play by Bharat Dabholkar) and Best of Bottoms Up (an English play).

Apart from his theatre work, Sameer has acted in many television serials like Tikal Te Political, Ambat God, Honar Sun Me Hya Gharchi (as Pappu), Comedychi Bullet Train, Kunku, Aajke Shriman Shrimati (a Hindi television serial), Maharashtra Hasyajatra, Saare Tujhyachsathi, Assa Maher Nako Ga Baai! (as Dhongi Baba) and Ughade Aahe Post Office (Nirgudkar). Sameer’s versatility and exceptional contribution have made him a respected figure in the Marathi theatre and television industry.

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net worth

Samir’s net worth is around $1 million to $5 million as of 2023. His net worth comes from his work in movies, TV shows, commercials, collaborations, dramas, and more.

Interesting Facts

  • Samir worked in Mumbai before starting his full-time acting career in 2002.samir-choughule-interesting-facts-tring

  • He has appeared in many plays, TV series and films.

  • He was the team leader of the TV show Maharashtrachi Hasya Jatra and was widely praised for his comedic talent and acting abilities.

  • In addition to filming TV shows, he has also shot TV commercials.

  • Samir loves to share his life and work on social media. As of 2023, he has about 184,000 followers on his Instagram account.

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