Prince William’s new title, get all the facts about it

The British royal family is no stranger to controversy, and the recent uproar surrounding Prince William’s new military rank and its impact on Prince Harry is no exception. Royal expert Christopher Anderson offers insight by delving into the emotional and political undercurrents of this ongoing feud.

What’s the controversy behind Prince William’s new title?

Buckingham Palace announced earlier this week that Prince William would be appointed Colonel of the Army Air Corps, a position Prince Harry held before resigning in 2020. The news caused widespread consternation within the royal family and highlighted ongoing tensions within the royal family. Many saw it as an insult to Harry and suggested that tensions within the royal family are real and very serious.

How does this affect Prince Harry?

Prince Harry, who has fought in combat and served in the Army Air Corps, was reportedly deeply dismayed by Buckingham Palace’s decision to bestow the title on his older brother, Prince Charles. Anderson called the move an insult and highlighted the already widening rift between Harry and senior members of the royal family following his move to the United States and subsequent withdrawal from royal duties.

What did Christopher Andersen suggest?

Anderson said the reallocation of Harry’s titles to Prince Charles III, who is battling cancer, and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, was “a double blow to him emotionally.” Not only was Harry denied a courtesy visit during his UK tour, but there was also a symbolic transfer of military ranks between the brothers. Anderson believes the move was a missed opportunity for reconciliation within the royal family at a crucial time – especially at such a critical time when both men were likely under enormous stress due to the prevalent illness in the family, and they have reportedly had to battle cancer themselves.

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Why is the delay effect so significant?

Anderson believes the timing of the announcement is particularly telling; given their current health issues, Charles and Kate may have seen this as an opportunity to reconcile with Harry, especially given his military background and commitment to public service. Unfortunately, William’s receipt of the title seems to be yet another symbol from Kensington Palace of how they feel about Harry’s diminished status in the family.

How does this affect the royal family?

The incident could have a profound impact on the public image and internal dynamics of the royal family, according to Anderson’s analysis of the matter, who noted that the royal family often alienates members who don’t adhere to expected norms or duties — and in this case, Harry’s behavior could cause further public and personal discord.

Could this be handled differently?

Anderson believes the royal family could have used the situation to bridge the divide rather than widen it, recognizing that Harry’s military service and part-time support for his family were part of his career goals. However, William being given the title has complicated their already fragile relationship.

What does this mean for the future of royal relations?

William’s receipt of the title could signal the palace’s intention to consolidate succession plans and the public roles of senior royals – a decision that could make it impossible for Harry and Meghan to reconcile in the future. The decision could further inflame tensions within their family and push Harry and Meghan further apart than before.

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Prince William’s appointment as a colonel in the Army Air Corps has raised more than just ceremonial interest, it has also renewed concerns about the royal family’s handling of internal divisions and public image. Anderson noted that the royal family tends to maintain a high profile, and internal disputes are a reminder that even the palace can suffer from family divisions.

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