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Known for his unique YouTube covers, 31-year-old singer-songwriter Swims finds himself at an interesting crossroads in his life: challenging and rewarding at the same time. Releasing a debut album themed around heartbreak while grieving the end of a significant relationship lends an authenticity to his music; his debut album tells stories of lost love, personal healing, and the ironic intersection between artistic pursuits and personal struggles.

Swims (short for Someone Who Isn’t Me Sometimes) is a singer whose album delves into the emotions and revelations associated with heartbreak. All but one song exemplify his personal writing style, reflecting on a journey marked by toxic relationships, substance abuse, and internal struggles with self-worth. Swims’ narrative is more than just a breakup; instead, it explores the process of self-discovery and healing through a slightly sad laugh, as he describes his work as both “funny” and “very, very sad.” He describes his experiences in two ways; reflecting both aspects of his experience as personal.

Swims’ debut album features production from music heavyweights including Julian Bunetta, John Ryan and Ammo, each lending their expertise to make the album unique. From R&B and country to pop and soft rock, as well as contemporary artists like Thomas Rhett and Jessie J, the album’s music reflects Swims’ own musical influences and style.

Their debut single, “Lose Control,” blended soulful melodies with country sounds and was a huge success, peaking at #61 on the Billboard 200. Another noteworthy song, “The Door,” features an infectious beat and lyrics about personal growth and leaving a toxic relationship; Swims revealed in an interview that the song was written after an excessive amount of tequila during an energetic recording session, perhaps adding to the raw emotional honesty that runs throughout.

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“What Else Can I Say” doesn’t just explore the heartbreak of separation. Instead, the song delves into the issue of digital privacy in relationships, inspired by Swims’ mistake of saving intimate photos on iCloud, which further strained his relationship. The song is an honest look at the digital footprints we leave on our personal relationships.

With the release of the album, Swims made an important commitment—affirming his personal growth outside of music—by committing to providing professional therapy services as part of his healing efforts. Rather than just a commercial venture, the album is an outlet to more fully explore complex emotions and experiences, serving as both a commercial and therapeutic platform.

Swims hinted at the upcoming release of his next album, Part 2, indicating that his journey of musical and personal healing is far from over. His story can resonate with those who have experienced similar heartache, as well as anyone who has embarked on a non-linear path of growth and self-discovery.

Swims’ life trajectory is anything but ordinary, from a career as an NFL star frustrated by his status, to starring in high school musicals, to becoming an Internet sensation through his covers. His experiences, both positive and negative, have informed his music; his debut album, which showcases a landscape of human emotion and musical diversity, will likely draw new music lovers to his moving and transformative journey; Swims himself points to music and soul as factors that draw audiences in, and this new chapter will only deepen that connection further.

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