Ntsiki Mazwai Wants to Relocate to KZN Amid Release of Election Results

  • Controversial activist Ntsiki Mazwai has made it public on social media that she wants to relocate
  • The activist shared on her Twitter page (X) that she wanted to move to KZN after the election results were announced.
  • Many of her fans and followers agreed with her KZN move, and others even wanted to tag her

Ntsiki Mazwai decided she wanted to move to KZN after the election results were announced.Ntsiki Mazwai shared that she wanted to move somewhere else. Photo: @ntsikimazwaimediaSource: Instagram

Ntsiki Mazwai wants to move to KZN

“I'm moving to KZN….”

Netizens agree with her

“Why not the United States of the Western Cape?”

“All I can say is I respect KZN people. They really want change.”

“When do we move locations? NdiReady sana.”

“Come here, we represent each other.”

“Woza sisi – you are welcome here.”

“I'm sorry.”

Ntsiki slams Julius Malema

Source: Brief News

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