Nash Aguas’s wife, know everything about Nash Aguas!

Nash Aguas and Mika dela Cruz are both well-known names in the Philippine entertainment industry, known for their roles in various TV shows and movies. Nash was a child star who gained recognition for his performances in TV series and became a recognized actor over time. However, Mika not only impressed people with her acting, but she also became a well-loved personality on social media. She revealed her life and her relationship with Nash.

When and where will the wedding take place?

The couple exchanged vows at Adriano Event Space and Prayer Gardens in Tagaytay over the weekend of May 18. Tagaytay is known for its stunning beauty and peaceful ambience. With its beautiful gardens and romantic ambiance, it was the perfect backdrop for their intimate wedding.

How did they announce their marriage?

Mika de la Cruz posted on Instagram to announce to her fans that they had tied the knot. Her heartfelt and poetic post captioned, “Towards my God-given love and my eternity. #NASHakanyanasiMIKA,” perfectly summed up her emotions on the big day. Family, friends and even fans praised the news, and everyone was excited to see the couple embark on this new journey together.

What kind of journey did they take together?

Nash and Mika began their journey in 2018 and since then they have been a couple, sharing important milestones and moments in their lives with their fans. In October 2022, they celebrated their fourth anniversary as a couple. They marked the occasion with a post on social media expressing their love for each other and their joy in their relationship. Nash’s birthday wish to Mika read: “Happy 4th birthday darling! I’m so proud of us. I’m so proud of you. I love you. @mikadlacruz”, emphasizing the strength and depth of their relationship.

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What unforgettable moments did they have?

Before their wedding, Nash and Mika jetted off together for the first time to the picturesque island of El Nido in the Philippines. Sharing highlights from their trip on social media, Mika revealed, “We’ve been together for almost 4 years and this is my first chance to jet-set with you. I can’t wait to experience our next adventure where we’ll have endless opportunities to grow and create everlasting memories.” Not only was the trip a major first for the couple, it also reflected their bubbly personalities and desire to create a future they want to share.

in conclusion

As Nash Aguas and Mika De La Cruz walk down the aisle and begin their journey together, they do so with an undying love for one another, mutual respect, and shared experiences that are destined to be filled with growth and joy. Their wedding in Tagaytay is just the beginning of the many adventures they will experience together as husband and wife. Through their dedication to each other and their respective careers, they will continue to captivate their followers and admirers with their journey together. The joy they felt at their wedding and the love they received from their family and friends is a testament to their impact and anticipation for the future. As they begin this new chapter, the truth is: Nash and Mika are ready to tackle whatever the future holds together.

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