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Lori Greiner is an entrepreneur, inventor, author, and investor. Greiner is best known for her appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank, where she invests in emerging businesses. She has built a business empire and is an expert in intellectual property, holding 120 patents. Lori is also the CEO of For Your Ease Only, Inc. With a net worth of $150 million, Lori Greiner is the fifth richest cast member on Shark Tank.

Name:Lori Greiner
net worth:$150 million
Annual income:$6.2 million
Source of wealth:Startups and inventions
husband:Daniel Greiner

early life

Greiner was born in Chicago, Illinois, and grew up on the Near North Side. Her father, a real estate developer, and her mother, a psychologist, divorced when she was nine.

Lori attended Loyola University Chicago, majoring in film, communications, and journalism. She sold jewelry to pay for her studies.

As a student, she briefly worked as a playwright and as a reporter for the local daily Chicago Tribune. However, Lori was more interested in creating products and starting businesses.

How she made her fortune

Lori invented a plastic earring organizer in 1996. Initially, she intended to use the idea only to help herself, but she took out a $300,000 loan, built a prototype, and sold it through retail channels.

It was a risky move, but it worked. Department store chain JC Penney eventually picked up the product and helped her pay off her line of credit within 18 months. Her business grew as her products were featured in Bed, Bath and Beyond stores and on the Home Shopping Network. By 2000, she had $10 million in sales.

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Media career

During her first appearance on the shopping channel, she sold over 2,500 earring organizers in two minutes. After seeing her potential on screen, Lori went to the television network QVC to expand her advertising reach.

Her show, Smart and Unique Creations, became the longest-running show on the channel, which is why she is known as the “Queen of QVC.” Smart and Unique Creations aired for 11 seasons but is no longer on the air.

She joined the cast of Shark Tank in 2012 and is also a cast member of the spin-off series Beyond the Tank. In addition to her reality TV show, she has also published a book titled Invent It, Sell It, Bank It!

Net assets and earnings

Lori Greiner, arguably the most successful investor on Shark Tank, who has made more money on the show than Mark Cuban, invested in Scrub Daddy, a cleaning product with $926 million in sales, in 2014.

Since Scrub Daddy is a private company, it’s hard to find out how much she made from the company, but her 20% stake is likely lower. Squatty Potty is another lucrative deal, with sales of $222 million since Shark Tank, and was acquired by Aterian for $31.1 million.

According to Variety, Lori Greiner makes $50,000 per episode of Shark Tank. Based on the number of episodes, she is expected to make over $1 million per season. In addition, Lori has sold over 1,000 profitable products and holds 120 patents. In addition, she sells books and owns For Your Ease Only, Inc. All of her ventures have brought her a fortune of $150 million.

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personal life

The successful businesswoman married Daniel Greiner in 2010 and they live in Chicago but have no children. Daniel is the CFO of For Your Ease Only, Inc and is worth an estimated $50 million.

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