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Laura Ingraham, an award-winning host for the Fox News Channel, is known for wholeheartedly embracing motherhood, prioritizing it above her roles as an author and media personality. Her journey to parenthood began with the adoptions of Maria Caroline, Michael Dmitriy, and Nikolai; each story adding new layers to Laura Ingraham’s personal story.

Ingraham began her family in 2008 when she adopted Maria Caroline from Guatemala. As three-year-old Maria Caroline stood outside an orphanage, holding a plastic bag filled with all her belongings, Ingraham was struck by this moving image of motherhood that would change her forever. Ingraham then adopted Michael Dmitriy and Nikolai Peter from Russia in 2009 and 2011, respectively—experiences that transformed Ingraham’s once lonely home into one filled with laughter and life!

Advocate for adoption

Ingraham, who has gained great joy and satisfaction from her own experience as an adoptive parent, is a passionate advocate for both the benefits and challenges of adoption, emphasizing that child welfare must be the priority when placing a child into a safe, loving family, regardless of the child’s marital status or background.

Her advocacy has loomed large amid the international adoption controversy. Ingraham highlighted the political barriers that often stand in the way of adoptions, leaving many children without care, and spoke of her own experience as Nikolai, who was adopted by an American family before Russian authorities imposed new restrictions on adoptions.

Ingraham brings her personal experience and expertise in single-parent adoption to her understanding of single-parent adoption. While she acknowledges that raising a child alone presents some challenges, she remains a firm believer in the transformative power of love and commitment to change lives. Additionally, Ingraham challenges the stigma that often accompanies single-parent adoption and advocates for an inclusive understanding of family dynamics.

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Life after adoption

Adoption and motherhood have always been a central part of Ingraham’s life, but her career continues to flourish. Since 2017, she has hosted “The Ingraham View,” providing insightful commentary to an international audience. In addition to her television work, Ingraham is known for her conservative-leaning writing, and her multiple bestselling books express these beliefs.

Despite her public presence, Ingraham has kept much of her family life private, revealing only a few personal experiences that shaped her as a mother and defined their childhood experiences. This privacy extends to Ingraham’s children, too—only activities like swimming and kayaking are occasionally mentioned in public discussions.

Ingraham’s journey hasn’t been easy. In 2005, she overcame breast cancer, an experience that solidified her resolve to live a fulfilling life and become a mother. That resilience has defined both her career and her role as a mother.

Laura Ingraham’s story is one of passion and advocacy, highlighted by her commitment to her family life and career. Adoption has had a profound impact on her private life, but it has also given her a deep sense of purpose in her public work to champion the rights and welfare of children. Through her involvement in both public and private life, Laura Ingraham continues to inspire many who dream of becoming parents while advocating for children’s rights around the world.

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