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Award-winning comedian Jason Manford, 39, celebrated Father’s Day this year with his six children. From delicious breakfasts to family outings – all documented by Jason himself and shared on social media – let’s get an inside look at how this much-loved figure spent their special day as a dad!

Morning Celebrations

Jason started the day off in a special way with his kids enjoying a delicious pancake and Nutella breakfast – just the beginning of an amazing day filled with love, surprises, cards and gifts from the kids; one of the gifts was The Last of Us Part II Playstation 4 game from Sony’s The Last of Us series! To be extra thoughtful, they even agreed to let him take some time off from his chores to enjoy his gift; which really showed how much they care and love their dad.

Family time

After a busy morning, Jason decided not to lose motivation and took his family on a nice Sunday walk – and no ordinary walk! They visited the new house that was being built, which had recently resumed construction due to delays. Together, they explored the site of the new house, feeling hopeful and excited about the future.

End of Day Reflection

As Jason reflected on the day, he also thought about its significance. Despite a full schedule, including recording his radio show earlier in the day, he found time to spend some quality time with his family, walking 5km together, which not only provided exercise but also provided an opportunity for family bonding, leaving everyone feeling satisfied and exhausted at the end of the walk.

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Jason shared his feelings online, thanking and encouraging his dad to have a great Father’s Day, while emphasizing family, resilience, and how each new day represents a chance to start over. His message was clear: family is most important, and each new day offers us new opportunities.

Protect family privacy

Despite being a public figure, Jason Manford prides himself on keeping his personal life private. He has been married to Lucy Dyke, with whom he has two children, since December 2017, and four more children with his ex-partner, Catherine, who gave birth to them in 2013. Their split sparked a public scandal over explicit messages sent between them, but Jason has moved on by prioritizing his family life and career goals.

Lucy Dyke remains a mystery, as Jason wishes to keep their marriage private. Despite this, she occasionally appears on Jason’s talk show, telling humorous anecdotes about everyday family life; much to the delight of the audience.

Privacy and public life

In the Father’s Day photos shared online, Jason was careful to protect his children’s privacy, covering their faces with cloths or sunglasses; but he was not shy about showing their warm embraces and family bonding on the day. One particularly touching photo shows Jason carrying his youngest child on his back, both wearing sunglasses – a reflection of the joys and responsibilities of being a parent.

Comic Style

Jason often uses his family as an integral part of his comedic performances, drawing humor from their own life as a father. Audiences enjoy these snippets of his personal life, which remind them that parenting can be an ongoing journey filled with the ups and downs of family life.

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Jason Manford celebrated Father’s Day with personal and family events that highlighted his dedication as a father. Despite the complexity of life and the difficulty of balancing his private and public lives, Jason proved how important family time, laughter and cherishing every moment are in his busy life.

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