Influencer Valuations in the Wild – What Has Changed Since Shark Tank?

In the golden age of content creation, influencers are everywhere. Influencers in the Wild is a satirical platform that shares the behind-the-scenes life of influencers creating content. Resch had the opportunity to pitch his board game on Shark Tank but didn’t land a deal. As of 2024, Influencers in the Wild is valued at $5 million.

Background of George Resch

George “Tank” Resch is a social media celebrity in his own right. Previously, he was a humble fence salesman in Smithtown, New York. He graduated from Farmingdale State College in New York with a degree in communications.

George worked as a chief valuer for Victoria Fence Company for more than ten years. His first online project was a social experiment website called “I Found Money Today”. Later, George became known online as “Tank Sinatra”.

Creating Wild Influencers

Tank Sinatra began making waves on Instagram in 2017, posting original memes. The social media wizard manages three Instagram accounts with millions of followers: @influencersinthewild, @tanksgoodnews, and @tank.sinatra.

He noticed that fame-hungry “influencers” would do anything to get people’s attention. George came up with an idea to create a new page and a website that would showcase the stupid things people would do for fame.

He began posting funny videos on his website in 2016 and posted them daily on Instagram, TikTok and Twitter. The hilarity of these videos won him a large number of fans, and in 2018 he quit his construction job to start sharing memes full-time.

Appeared on Shark Tank

As George’s online presence grew, he turned his brand into a legitimate business. He began selling merchandise and planned to release a podcast, but the project remains up in the air.

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The founders successfully launched IITW The Game. It is a board game where players roll dice, collect influence points and complete challenges. All the content revolves around the life of an influencer.

Of all the business ideas, George Resch chose board games to raise money from outside investors. The muscle-bound guy delivered a confident presentation that had the sharks laughing from the start. The novelty of his business played a key role in getting on the show.

After Shark Tank

The episode aired in May 2023, and George noticed a small spike in orders for the quirky board game. Based on the valuation, it seems that Resch is mainly in it for publicity and not to close a deal.

If you are interested in purchasing this board game, you can purchase it on Amazon, Target, and The product retails for $19.99, and they also sell shirts and hoodies to make extra money.

On Amazon, the Influencers in the Wild game has an average rating of 4.5 out of 36 customer reviews. Customers praise the game for being easy to play and fun for the whole family, but it’s aimed primarily at younger audiences. George has ambitions to become the best-selling board of all time, but it better be in the top 100!

It’s a strange experience to see a business based on an Instagram account appear on Shark Tank. The product performs well in 2023, but may have trouble maintaining strong sales in 2024 as the novelty and hype fades.

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