Heather’s Choice – The Path to Profits After Shark Tank

Heather’s Choice, a unique brand of high-quality, high-calorie dehydrated backpacking meals, was recently featured on an episode of Shark Tank, but no deal was struck. Founded by Heather Kelly, an athlete and nutrition expert from Anchorage, Alaska, Heather’s Choice has carved out a niche in the outdoor food market, especially among health-conscious adventurers. After Shark Tank, Heather’s Choice was valued at $2 million.


Born and raised in Byrd Creek, Alaska, Heather Kelly grew up with a love for nutritious home cooking. Her passion for sports nutrition and her desire to provide healthy, convenient food options for outdoor enthusiasts led to the creation of Heather’s Choice.

After graduating with a degree in Evolutionary Sports Nutrition in 2010, Heather’s experiences as a college athlete and rafting guide made her realize the lack of quality food in remote areas. This realization led her to start Heather’s Choice in 2014.

Products, financing and publicity

Heather’s Choice meals are known for being nutritionally balanced, with a focus on protein, good fats and moderate carbohydrates. These meals stand out in the market because they are gluten-free, dairy-free and made with organic produce. The product line includes items like Chipotle Pork Chili and Mom’s Pasghetti, offering nutritious alternatives to traditional meals.

Prior to appearing on Shark Tank, Heather’s Choice launched an Indiegogo campaign in December 2017 to raise funds and test the market. The campaign was successful, raising $54,074 from 449 backers. Heather has also raised funding from Launch Alaska and most recently, the 49th State Angel Fund.

Heather applied to Shark Tank in January 2023 and a few months later she got a positive response. She had two weeks to prepare a five-minute pitch and take care of a bunch of paperwork. In September 2023, she flew to Los Angeles to film her segment with no money in her bank account! It was clear from her pitch that she knew her business inside and out.

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After Shark Tank

Even though this is a niche product, Heather’s Choice is expecting a significant uptick in sales over the next month. Hopefully Heather has enough stock to handle the surge in orders since she only recently found out her series is airing soon!

Heather’s Choice has received positive reviews from customers, especially those in the outdoor and hunting community. Customers appreciate the meal’s balance of nutrition and taste, which is rare in the world of dehydrated outdoor foods. On Amazon, the African Peanut Stew has an average rating of 4.3 out of 23 reviews. The product is currently available in about 20 stores in the United States and is sold at stores such as Scheels, REI, and Garage Grown Gear.

The meals are high in quality and nutritional value, making them very competitively priced. While slightly more expensive than traditional backpacker meals, Heather’s Choice offers great value in terms of nutrition and satisfaction. With its unique value proposition and the push from Shark Tank, the company is well positioned to expand its presence in the outdoor food market.

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