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harshad-arora-photo-tringHarshad Arora is an Indian actor who was born on September 3, 1987 in Delhi, India. He has appeared in many Hindi television shows. In 2014, he made his debut in the popular series Beintehaa on Colours TV, playing the lead actor Zain Abdullah. For this role, he won the ITA Award for Best Popular Actor. In the 2016 episode of the Star Plus show Dahleez, Arora played an IAS officer named Adarsh ​​Sinha. In 2015, he participated in the stunt reality show Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi 6, which aired on Colours TV. He then appeared in Thoda sa Baadal Thoda sa Paani and Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin.


Harshad Arora was born on 3 September 1987. He is 36 years old as of 2023. His star sign is Virgo.


He started his modeling career during college. His early education was completed at Ryan International School in New Delhi and he later completed his Bachelor of Science degree at Delhi University.


harshad-arora familySunil Arora is the name of Harshad Arora’s father. Sunil Arora is a businessman. Harshad Arora also has a younger sister.


Aparna Kumar

Harsh-arora and Aparna-kumarAparna Kumar was in a relationship with Harshad Arora, who played Dr. Satya in the TV show Friends, for four years. He claimed that he had a great time with her but he never intended their relationship to lead to marriage. He explained that they could not find a solution to their problems so they chose to break up before things became more difficult.


harshad-arora CareerIn 2014, Arora played the role of Zain Abdullah in the hit romantic drama Beintehaa on Colours TV opposite Preetika Rao. This was the first time that he played a leading man on television. Their on-screen chemistry was an instant hit and people still love it. People loved Beintehaa and he won several awards for the show including the Indian Television Academy Award, the India Telly Award and the Karaka Award. In 2016, the same series was again aired on Colours Rishtey but the show was called Salaam-E-Ishq Daastaan ​​Mohabbat Ki. On Raj TV, the show was also known as Alaipayuthey in Tamil.

In 2015, Arora tried his hand at reality TV by participating in the stunt show Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi 6 on Colours TV. He came in 15th place. A year later in 2016, he played an IAS officer named Adarsh ​​Sinha in the legal drama Dahleez on Star Plus. Tridha Choudhury also starred in the show. After 104 episodes, the show went off air. From 2016 to 2017, Arora played the role of super cop Jai in Life OK’s supernatural drama Super Cop vs Super Villain to great reviews. A year later, he played Rajkumar Angad in Star Bharat’s great show Mayavi Maling (also known as The King’s Daughter). The story of the show is about finding the strength to fight the most powerful evil. The story takes place in a fantasy world. But the audience was not impressed, so after three months, the show went off air.

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In 2019, Arora played the role of Alok Parihar in SAB TV’s comedy show Tera Kya Hoga Alia. In the second season, the show was renamed Carry On, Alia. When the show was cancelled in October 2020, it had already aired two seasons. In August 2021, he played a grey character Arjun Chatterjee in Colours TV’s family drama Thoda Sa Badal Thoda Sa Paani. Ishita Dutta and Karan Suchak also starred in the show. The show is based on the film Ek Vivaah… Aisa Bhi, but not exactly. The Bengali film Sona Roder Gaan was based on it. Due to low ratings, the show will end in March 2022 after only seven months on the air. From March to June 2023, he played Dr. Satya Adhikari in StarPlus’ Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin, which stars Ayesha Singh.

Harshad Arora Best Performance

Toda Sabadar Toda Sapani

PlayThota Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani is an Indian drama that airs on Colours TV. It is in Hindi. It started on 23 August 2021 and ended on 4 March 2022. Ishita Dutta, Karan Suchak and Harshad Arora are all part of it. The show is based on the movie Ek Vivaah Aisa Bhi, but it is not exactly the same. The Bengali movie Sona Roder Gaan is based on it.

The protagonist of this story is Kajol Mukherjee, the eldest of her siblings, a sweet and simple Bengali girl. She is very smart and very mature. She puts her family first and she never asks for anything for herself. She has a younger brother Apu and three younger sisters Naina, Anu and Chandrika. Naina always envies her but the other siblings love and respect her. The story begins as the simple and happy Mukherjee family is preparing to celebrate the birthday of their eldest daughter Kajol when a wealthy businessman Arjun Chatterjee proposes to her. As Kajol’s family starts to miss her while they are preparing, she starts to worry about what will happen to them without her.

The Last Call

The Last Call is an Indian web series that started airing in 2019 and is based on Priya Kumar’s 2015 novel, I Will Go With You. It is a Vijay Lalwani film about a flight from Mumbai to Sydney where the lives of passengers are threatened when the captain decides to commit suicide on board. The Last Call first aired on ZEE5 on February 22, 2019. It stars Arjun Rampal, Neeraj Kabi, Sakshi Tanwar, Harshad Arora, Anupriya Goenka, Javed Jaffrey, Paula McGlynn, Anshuman Malhotra and Vipin Sharma. Priya Kumar told reporters at a press conference that she is also writing the second season of The Last Call.

Kashmir, Kochi, Thailand and London are the locations where the show was filmed. Parts of the show were shot in London in the same aircraft sets used in the 2016 film Sully. Rampal took several flying lessons to learn how to fly the plane. Earlier, it was known as Row 26.

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Continue with Alia

PlayCarry on Alia is an Indian comedy show on Hindi Television. The show was produced by Optimystix Entertainment and Vipul D. Shah for Sony SAB. The first season of Tera Kya Hoga Alia, What Would You Do, Alia?, aired from August 27, 2019 to August 28, 2020. In the show, Alia was a former beauty queen who now teaches history. In the second season, the show was renamed Carry on, Alia. The second season began on August 31, 2020 and ended on October 23, 2020, when the show was cancelled. In the show, Alia was an honest TV reporter who was at odds with Dhadkan, a beautiful but dishonest anchor who only cared about getting high ratings.

The play begins with Mrs. Alia Alok Parihar starting to worry about her weight gain in Agra. She and her friend Rabia try to keep Alia’s handsome husband Alok away from other women, but Alok is already married to Alia and stays away from other women. Alia and Alok both work at the same Hindi school as history and physical education teachers respectively. Tara Kohli comes to the school as an English teacher. She sees Alok as just a friend, but Tara’s beauty and charm make Alia feel insecure. Tara later gets promoted to become the vice-principal of the school.

Mayavi Marin

Mayavi Maling, also known as The King’s Daughter, is an Indian fantasy television series that premiered on Star Bharat on May 1, 2018 and ended on August 18. The show takes place in a fantasy world and stars Neha Solanki, Vaani Sood and Gracy Goswami as one of three princesses, Pranali, Eshwarya and Garima. Actor Shakti Anand plays the princess’ father and King Shiladitya of Maling. Harshad Arora plays Angad, the powerful but evil prince of the neighboring kingdom of Mahapuram.


PlayDahleez is an Indian romantic drama that airs on Star Plus. The show is produced by Farhan Salaruddin’s Fortune Productions. The show aired from March 14, 2016 to June 26, 2016. Harshad Arora and Tridha Choudhury are two of the lead actors in the show. Set in Delhi, the show talks about the Indian bureaucracy, how the country functions, and the high politics that goes on behind the scenes, with a focus on terrorism. Harshad Arora plays an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer and Tridha Choudhury plays a lawyer.

Adarsh ​​Sinha is an honest Indian Administrative Service officer from a legal family. His story is set in the political and legal world of Delhi. His mother, Suhasini Sinha, is a renowned senior lawyer. His father, Manohar Sinha, and elder brother, Jaidev Sinha, both serve in the government. His younger brother, Abhay Sinha, works in the Indian Police Service. While Jaidev and his wife, Jaya, were in a loveless arranged marriage, Abhay had recently eloped with his young wife, Simmi, whose corrupt father owned Ahuja Constructions. Swadheenta Ramakrishnan is a strong person from Chennai who wants to become a lawyer. She moves to Chandni Chowk with her Tamil middle-class uncle, Haider Gilani, aunt, Zubeida Gilani, and younger brother, Asad Gilani.

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Career Timeline




TV/Web Series


Toda Sabadar Toda Sapani

Arjun Chatterjee

TV show


Terra Kia Hoja Ariya

Alok Pariha

TV show


Super Cop vs Super Villain

Super Cop Jay

TV show



Zain Abdullah

TV show



Dr. Satya Adhikari

TV show


Kuch Smiles Ho Jayein…with Alia

Alok Pariha

TV show


The Last Call

Abhimanyu Sahay

Web Series


Mayavi Marin

Rajkumar Angad

TV show



Adarsh ​​Sinha, Indian Institute of Science, India

TV show


Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi 6


TV show

net worth

Harshad Arora’s net worth is estimated to be $5 million. His outstanding work in modeling and television shows has helped him accumulate such a large net worth.


  • In 2014, he and his co-star Preetika Rao won the Indian Television Academy Award for “Onscreen Couple of the Year” for GR8!

  • At the same event, he also won the Desh Ka Sitara Best Actor Award for his performance in Beintehaa.

  • Harshad also won the 2014 India Telly Award for Best New Face (Male) for his role in the show.

  • He was also nominated for the Indian Television Academy Award and the Indian Telly Award for Best Popular Actor.

  • He also caught attention at the 2014 Golden Awards, winning the Best Actor Newcomer Award for his performance in Beintehaa.

Interesting Facts About Harshad Arora

  • Fear Factor by Harshad AroraHarshad won a modeling competition during college. This gave him the opportunity to work as a model.

  • He did some modeling work and then went to work for a PR agency.

  • He worked there as a public relations officer for a year and a half.

  • In 2013, he played Zain Osman Abdullah in the Colours TV show Beintehaa, which was his first acting job.

  • Arora then participated in Colours TV’s reality show Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi 6, but she was sent home after the first round.

  • Harshad loves to work out and has a strict workout routine.

  • He cared deeply for animals and had a dog named Cooper.

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