Eyewris’ latest valuation – Shark Tank Season 14 post-update!

Eyewris solves a long-standing problem faced by many people who need reading glasses. The product was invented by Mark Singer and his son Kenzo Singer. The two appeared on Shark Tank Season 14 and made a deal with all five sharks! Eyewris is worth an estimated $1 million.

They showed off their foldable reading glasses design that can be worn on the wrist, offering a simple solution for people who often misplace their glasses. The father-son duo gave a moving speech that brought some Sharks to tears. Lori Greiner, in particular, was deeply moved by the speech.


Mark Singer is an award-winning inventor and master craftsman who is no stranger to business. His previous work includes the famous Gorilla Glue and Giati Designs. Gorilla Glue itself is now valued at over $100 million!

Kenzo Singer, a Cornell University graduate with a background in structural engineering and architecture, was working in Los Angeles when he teamed up with his father to found Eyewris. Kenzo’s design acumen played a major role in creating an efficient way for glasses to roll around the wrist, an innovation known as the Bistable Bridge, which is a pillar of Eyewris design.

Founding Eyewris

It took Mark and Kenzo several years to perfect the design, and they also went through a failed Kickstarter campaign that raised only $10,000.

Eyewris eyewear has quickly gained recognition for its design quality, even winning the prestigious Red Dot Award. Made with ultra-durable lenses, they are 10 times more impact-resistant than ordinary glass or plastic lenses.

They offer 100% UV protection and come with a blue light filter. Packaged in a hard protective case with a cleaning cloth, these glasses are made of NiTi memory metal, stainless steel, Swiss-developed lightweight TR-90 thermoplastic, and scratch-resistant lenses. This provides durability and comfort to the wearer.

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Post-Shark Tank Updates

After appearing on Shark Tank, Eyewris experienced the infamous “Shark Tank Effect” for the next 48 hours. Additionally, their show was so moving that it increased online buzz. That kind of publicity is worth millions of dollars!

The unique feature of the glasses is that they can be rolled around the wrist and they are of high quality, which makes Eyewris a great product with almost no competitors, thus occupying a considerable market share. Their patented design has great potential and can generate considerable income from licensing alone.

Currently, Eyewris glasses are only available on their official website, with a retail price of $110 per pair. Despite the higher price compared to regular reading glasses, the value proposition it offers in terms of style, convenience, and quality makes Eyewris a product worth investing in.

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