Dr Pepper and kimchi, what is the story behind Dr Pepper?

The unintentionally invented pickle-flavored Dr Pepper quickly became a viral sensation on the social media platform. TikTok user Mississippi Memaw launched the drink on May 1, and her video showing it at the Sonic drive-thru garnered more than 3 million views in 24 hours!

How did Mississippi Memaw come up with this drink?

Mississippi Memaw asked her fans a simple question in her TikTok video: “Do you all like pickles and Dr Pepper?” To demonstrate, she ordered a drink mixed with dill pickle chips – an unusual concoction that seemed unappetizing at first glance, but attracted many fans. What’s more, neither the Sonic employees nor she seemed surprised, as this custom request had never come to them before!

How was your ordering experience?

Mississippi Memaw found her interactions at Sonic easy, a testament to its broad local appeal and popularity. While unusual, only minor tweaks were required in the deal, such as charging an extra fee for customization instead of a cherry on top as is usually the case in similar deals.

What’s the price? The total price for this particular drink is $3.62; given its customization and viral success, that price may seem insignificant relative to the overall experience for those curious enough to try the concoction for themselves.

How does this drink look?

Mississippi Memaw presented her drink to Mississippi Meaw, who immediately revealed its unusual ingredient: pickles floating freely in the dark carbonated beverage! The combination of sight and taste is sure to intrigue soda lovers – it’s definitely not to be missed!

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What’s the appeal of unusual combinations?

The appeal lies in its unique combination of sweet and spicy Dr Pepper flavors and sour pickle brine flavors, as represented by the Mississippi Memaw’s encouragement to “don’t deny it until you try it” to challenge the audience’s initial dislike or skepticism and allow them to discover an unconventional but interesting pairing of flavors and aromas.

What do people think about this?

With nearly 6,500 comments, the conversation about the pickle-flavored Dr Pepper was lively and varied. Many viewers shared their own unique food pairings, while others expressed surprise or curiosity about its arrival. Social media platforms like TikTok provide a platform for regional or niche food experiments to reach a global audience.

Why are these viral food trends so important?

Hot food trends like Dr Pepper are significant for several reasons. They reflect the evolution of public taste preferences and the powerful influence of social media in shaping food culture, which in turn affects businesses like Sonic as curious customers seek out these novel creations in person, driving traffic and sales.

Will this influence future beverage trends?

Mississippi Memaw’s Dr Pepper with kimchi may inspire beverage fans and manufacturers to try more adventurous combinations, unlocking culinary creativity in an industry rife with potential for flavor innovation.

What’s next for Sonic and the viral drink enthusiasts?

As the trend spreads across social media and Sonic stores, it could lead to wider acceptance and menus incorporating similar quirky combinations. Mississippi Memaw’s viral video is more than just a fun culinary journey; it’s also pushing food and beverage companies to think creatively beyond the cup!

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