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Deepti Naval is an Indian-born American actress, director, and writer who works primarily in Hindi films.

Her major contribution was in the field of art films where her sensitive and realistic characters highlighted the changing role of women in India and received critical acclaim. She was a versatile and accomplished artist who made a significant contribution to Indian cinema and culture.

Her work as an actor, screenwriter, director and painter has inspired and entertained audiences for decades, and she remains an influential figure in the Indian art world.


Deepti Naval was born in Amritsar, Punjab, India on 3 February 1952. She will be 71 years old in 2023. Astrologically speaking, her star sign is Aquarius.


Deepti Naval completed her education at Hunter College in New York, where she reportedly majored in Fine Arts.


Deepti Naval was born in Punjab and moved to New York when her father got a teaching position at the City University of New York. Her father, Uday C. Naval, is a professor and her mother, Himadri Gangahar, is a teacher and painter. Deepti also has a younger brother, Rohit Navel, who is a technical product designer, and an older sister, Smiti Naval, who is a biochemist.


Nawal was married to film producer Prakash Jha and had an adopted daughter, Disha Jha. But later in 2022, they separated. Nawal later developed a relationship with the nephew of late Vinod Pandit Jasraj. She became a US citizen in 2010.

Deepti Naval’s five best films

Chashme Baddore (1981)

Chashme Buddoor is a classic romantic comedy film directed by Sai Paranjpye and stars Deepti Naval as Neha, a young woman who moves into a house with two other men, Siddharth (Farooq Sheikh) and Omi (Rakesh Bedi).

The film revolves around the trio’s attempts to woo Neha, who is initially indifferent to their advances but eventually falls in love with Siddharth. Deepti’s portrayal of Neha is charming and vivid, and her chemistry with Farooq Sheikh is palpable. Her performance is a highlight of the film, which went on to become a box office hit and a cult classic.

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Ankashi (1982)

Ankahi is a hit TV series directed by Shoaib Mansoor, starring Deepti Naval as the title character Sana, a young woman struggling to find her place in the world. The series explores themes of lost love and identity, and Deepti’s nuanced performance as Sana won critical acclaim. Her portrayal of a woman grappling with her insecurities and desires resonated with audiences, and the series became a huge success, cementing Deepti’s place as one of the most talented actors of her generation.

Kamla (1984)

kamla movie poster tring

Directed by Muzaffar Ali, Kamla is a thought-provoking film about a young woman who goes against social norms to pursue her dreams. Deepti Nawal plays Kamla, who is determined to become a doctor despite opposition from her family and society.

The film explores themes such as gender inequality and women’s struggle to break free from patriarchy. Deepti’s portrayal of Kamla is powerful and moving, and she brings a raw vulnerability to the character that makes her journey all the more fascinating.

Mirchi Masala (1987)

Directed by Ketan Mehta, Mirch Masala is a critically acclaimed film starring Deepti Naval as Sonbai, a young woman who stands up to the local tyrant and becomes a symbol of resistance. The film is set in a small village in colonial India, where a powerful subedar (Naseeruddin Shah) becomes obsessed with Sonbai and tries to force himself on her. Deepti’s portrayal of Sonbai is fierce and unflinching, and she brings a steely resolve to the role that is both inspiring and heartbreaking.

Memories of March (2011)

memories in march poster

Memories of March is a drama film directed by Sanjoy Nag and stars Deepti Naval as Aarti, a grieving mother who discovers secrets about her late son’s life during her trip to Kolkata.

The film explores themes of lost love and the complexities of relationships. Deepti’s performance as Aarti is nuanced and detailed, and she brings a quiet strength to the role that is both poignant and powerful.

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Her portrayal of a mother’s pain over the loss of her son is heartbreaking and moving, and the film is a testament to her acting prowess.

Career Timeline

1979jallianwala bagh
1981Chashme Baddol
1982Saath Saath
1982Shriman Shrimati
1984Mohan Josh Hazil!
1984Kanoon Kaya Carega
1984Long live Heehee
1984Eternal Hope
1984Want to die or live
1984Andy Gary
1985We have an Aurat Pair
1987Mira Suhag
1987Mirchi Masala
1988Lord Zinda Hoon
1989Mahida Dewa
1989Jism Ka Rishta
1990galjuto aisa
1994Mr. Azad
1995Dushmani: A violent love story
1995Jai Vikrantha
1996The Sotra Brothers
1998Assan Gaza
1999Kabhi Pass Kabhi Fail
2002Shakti: Strength
2003Weird Chakra
2011Tell me Kkhuda
2010Memories of March
2011Trapped in tradition: Rivaz
2011Wish you a Happy New Year
2011Bhindi Baazaar
2013British Airways Pass
2014Bang bang!

TV show

1985Apna Jahan
2011Liberation Day
2016Meri Awaz Hi Pechaan Hai
2017Boy with a bun on his head
2019Made in Heaven
2020Pawan and Pooja
2020Criminal justice: trials behind closed doors

net worth

According to Idol Net Worth, Deepti Naval has a net worth of $15 million. Her main source of income is from her work as an actress.


  • 1988 Bangladesh Film Journalists Association Award for Best Supporting Actress Mirch Masala
  • 2003 Karachi Film Festival Best Supporting Actress Award
  • 2012 Imagine India Film Festival Best Actress Award (Spain)
  • 2013 New York Indian Film Festival Best Actress Award
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Interesting facts about Deepti

  • Deepti is half Punjabi and half Pahadi as her father is a Punjabi and her mother is from Himachal Pradesh.
  • After completing her education in India, Deepti and her family moved to the United States, where she graduated.
  • Deepti studied theatre photography and painting but the most interesting fact is that she did not study acting which is what she excels in the most.
  • Deepti’s father wanted her to be a painter, but she was more interested in acting.
  • Deepti started her career as a stage actor and always had an interest in literature.
  • While working in theatre, Deepti auditioned for a play on Indian Television. There, she met Farooq Sheikh and got a chance to co-host a show with him, which Farooq later hosted. Later, Farooq sent her a message saying that a non-Indian director named Vinod Pande was looking for a new face. That’s how she got her first major role in Ek Baar Phir (1980).
  • Deepti is the first American Indian actress to act in a Hindi film.
  • Deepti is a fine poet and has published many poems since 1981, such as Lamha Lamha, Black Wind and the Mad Tibetans: Stories of Past and Present.
  • Initially, Deepti was only seen in sweet girl-next-door roles, but she moved away from the cliché roles after starring in Jagmohan Mundhra’s Kamla (1984). She received numerous critical acclaims for her performance in the film. Since then, her forte has been sensitive and real-life roles.
  • Deepti and the late Farooq Sheikh were a famous on-screen couple in the 1980s. They had a great chemistry not only on screen but also off.

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