Brent Faiyaz’s fans react as he hints at retirement on social media

Brent Faiyaz is known for his smooth vocals and unique R&B style, but unfortunately, his third studio album, Larger Than Life, has suffered a setback. Faiyaz is known for his atmospheric beats and provocative lyrics, but his latest work failed to live up to its ambitious title, disappointing fans and critics alike.

An unremarkable beginning

The album starts off with a major letdown, with only one of the first five tracks on the 14-track collection being a substantial song. Faiyaz opens with a slab-of-grained intro, which is typical of his approach, filled with sound bites and samples. However, the next three tracks, each clocking in at less than two minutes, feel hastily thrown together and lack the cohesion needed to engage the listener.

These short tracks don’t offer enough substance to immerse the listener in the music, creating an unsatisfying start that sets a disappointing tone for the entire album. By the time the songs really start, many listeners may have already lost interest due to the weak intro.


After a slow start, Faiyaz delivers five full tracks that also fail to impress. The standout track is “Moment Of Your Life,” sung by Coco Jones, which offers a rare moment of harmony, with Jones’s vocals blending perfectly with Faiyaz’s. The song hints at the potential of this album, and shows what could be achieved with more consistent quality.

However, other tracks like “Outside All Night” and “Wherever I Go” fell flat, lacking the energy and innovation expected from Faiyaz. Aside from Jones, other artists struggled to make a positive impact. A$AP Rocky’s much-anticipated performance was particularly disappointing. His performance vacillated between his signature rap style and forced R&B tones, and despite a few clever lines, his contribution felt mismatched and underutilized.

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Weak cooperation

The ninth track, “Upset,” is a brief respite from the album’s overall mediocrity. Here, Faiyaz seems to be awakened, with an uplifting beat reminiscent of his past successes in “Sonder Son” and “WASTELAND.” His collaborators on this song, Tommy Richman and FELIX!, bring a unique style that adds a refreshing energy to the song.

Unfortunately, this short-lived success is overshadowed by the album’s other disappointing collaborations. Lesser-known performers like A$AP ANT and CruddyMurda offer poor performances that do little to elevate the album. ANT’s inability to keep a beat, combined with his vulgar lyrics, makes his work forgettable at best. CruddyMurda’s performance on “On This Side” is even worse, with his odd and offensive lyrics bringing down the album’s overall quality.

The lyrics by ANT and CruddyMurda, as well as Faiyaz’s ill-timed lyrics on “Pistachios,” are not only disappointing, but they also raise serious questions about Faiyaz’s artistic choices and direction. These tracks are more suited to a homemade SoundCloud release than a mainstream studio album from a well-known R&B artist.

Disadvantages of lyrics

Throughout Larger Than Life, Faiyaz’s lyrics often feel lazy and uninspired. Derogatory terms and cheesy rhymes suggest he’s running out of creative material. This lack of lyrical depth is especially noticeable given that Faiyaz is known for his sharp, poignant songwriting. The album’s title suggests a grand and ambitious project, but the content fails to meet those expectations.


Brent Faiyaz has made a lot of quality music both as a solo artist and with the band Sonder. However, Larger Than Life represents a significant step backward. Faiyaz must address the album’s problems—from weak lyrical content to poor collaborators—in order to maintain his status as an R&B superstar.

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The album’s failure was further compounded by its bold title, which promised greatness but ultimately fell flat. Faiyaz’s decisions throughout the project, from song structure to featured artists, ultimately undercut his potential. Despite this misstep, there’s still hope that Faiyaz will learn from these shortcomings and bounce back with future releases.

in conclusion

Larger Than Life is Brent Faiyaz’s failed album, an album that falls far short of expectations. Its disjointed structure, lackluster lyrics, and uninspired collaborations make the album feel anything but “great.” For an artist of Faiyaz’s caliber, the album is a stark reminder that even the most talented can sometimes miss the mark. One still hopes that his next album will recapture the brilliance of his career thus far and put him back on the map as a leading R&B force.

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