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Silk Smitha was the stage name of Vijayalakshmi Vadlapati an Indian actress and dancer who performed primarily in Telugu Tamil Malayalam Kannada and Hindi films from 2 December 1960 until 23 September 1996. In Indian movies from the 1980s Smitha took part in several popular dance numbers.

She started as a supporting actress and had her big break in the 1979 Tamil movie Vandichakkaram playing the character Silk. In the 1980s she played a significant role in Tamil cinema and was the most in-demand sexy actress. She had approximately 450 film appearances during her 17-year career.

Silk Smitha had a select group of close acquaintances. She was an introvert who took the time to warm up to people. She is also renowned for her quick temper tenacity and straightforwardness which some people mistakenly thought to be arrogance. She was in fact dependable trustworthy and ambitious.

Additionally according to her friends and admirers she has a soft and childlike disposition. Before entering the industry she turned her talent for makeup into a career. With her well-known doe-like eyes glowing skin and a stunning body she was naturally lovely.


Silk Smitha was born on December 2 1960. Silk Smitha died at the age of 36. Silk Smitha’s hobbies are cooking and reading. Silk Smitha zodiac sign is capricon. On the morning of September 23 1996 she spoke with her friend dancer Anuradha about a problem she was having. After dropping her child off at school Anuradha intended to visit.

Anuradha discovered Smitha dead by hanging when she arrived later that morning. Smitha committed suicide and had significant alcohol levels in her body according to the postmortem report written a few months after she passed away. Silk Smitha left a suicide note at her house which the police found but the note was illegible making it impossible to determine how she died.



Silk Smitha’s father’s name is Ramallu and her mother’s name is Sarassama. Silk Smitha’s brother’s name is V. Naga Vara Prasad. Silk was a professional dancer and actress from India. She was proficient in Tamil Telugu Kannada Malayalam and Hindi. She was just 36 years old when she passed away on September 23 1996 in Chennai India.

She was born on December 2 1960 in Kovvali Andhra Pradesh India. She was born into a Telugu family from a very poor background. She stopped school in the fourth grade due to her dire financial situation. She then began assisting her mother with home duties. After a few years her parents arranged for her to marry an unidentified man when she was 14 years old.

She was coerced into this marriage but after some time she left him along with his wife and children to pursue her childhood ambition of being an actor. She was only a child; it was not appropriate to force her into a marriage.


Silk Smitha had begun assisting her mother Sarasamma with household duties after dropping out of school. Surprisingly her parents had arranged her wedding with an unidentified individual without her awareness after some time.

Finding a nice family for their daughter was easy for her parents because of her attractiveness and outgoing personality. Silk Smitha married when she was 14 years old. However after a few years she left her marriage after her husband and his parents began mistreating her a choice that permanently altered Silk Smitha’s life.


Rajinikanth and Silk appeared in several movies together including Sivappu Sooriyan (1983) Thanga Magan (1983) Paayum Puli (1983) and Jeet Humari (1983). (1983). The two gained notoriety for their contentious dance moves.

Despite being referred to as a family guy there were several rumors that he was infatuated with her and some even claimed that they were having an affair. However none of these reports have received any confirmation. Being a superstar makes it nearly impossible to avoid these collaborations.

However Silk wasn’t a cheerful person and she experienced many highs and lows in life. The actress reportedly committed suicide in 1996 as a result of numerous financial setbacks and strained relationships. She was discovered dead in her apartment in Chennai.


Angadi (1980)

silk smitha Angadi poster

The 1980 Indian action drama film Angadi produced by Grihalakshmi Productions was written by P. V. Gangadharan and T. Damodaran and directed by I. V. Sasi. Sukumaran Seema Jose and Sankaradi play supporting roles alongside Jayan who plays Babu in the movie. The conflict in the movie centers on a worker named Babu and a bad businessman named Beeran (Balan K. Nair).

Shyam wrote the soundtrack and Chandramohan and C. E. Babu collaborated on the cinematography. One of the biggest hits of 1980 was Angadi which played in theaters for 125 days. The movie outperformed Jayan’s Sarapancharam (1979) at the box office and became the highest-grossing Malayalam movie of the year. The movie was a turning point for the Malayalam cinema industry and became a cult favorite in Kerala. The movie played a big part in developing Jayan’s tough hero persona.

Seethakoka Chilaka (1981)


Bharathiraja is the director of this Indian Telugu romance movie. The movie which was also being shot in Tamil under the title Alaigal Oivathillai was produced by Edida Nageswara Raa under the company name Poornodaya Movie Creations. In both language versions of the movie Murali (known as Karthik in Tamil) portrayed the lead role making his professional debut.

The female protagonist is portrayed by Mucherla Aruna while Radha plays the same role in the Tamil translation. In every film adaptation Aruna and Radha made their acting debut. The 1983 9th International Film Festival of India’s Indian Panorama section included a retrospective screening of the movie. Five Nandi Awards went to the movie.

Raghu and the guys in his community prowl the streets harassing young women. Karuna arrives in the village one day. When they learn that Karuna is David’s sister Raghu and his pals stop playing pranks on her and start to fear her. Raghu’s mother is a professor of classical music. Karuna visits Raghu’s home because she wants to learn how to sing classically. Karuna and Raghu gradually develop a romantic relationship. Raghu’s mother warns him about the differences between him and Karuna when she finds out about their relationship.

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Raghu is a Hindu whereas Karuna is a member of the Christian faith. Furthermore David Karuna’s brother is a cruel man who might even murder Raghu for having feelings for Karuna. But despite the opposition of the entire village Raghu and Karuna continue to explore their love.

Soorakottai Singakutti (1983)

It is a 1983 Tamil-language masala movie produced by AVM Productions and directed by Rama Narayanan. In addition to Vijayakumari V. K. Ramaswami Prameela and Gemini Ganesan playing supporting roles the movie stars Prabhu and Silk Smitha. It became available on September 9 1983.

A landlord named Viswanathan befriends a dancer. He is happily married. Later after separating him from his wife and getting married she reveals her true colors. Meanwhile Selvam a young man full of life learns about his past from his mother and swears to exact revenge on the person who wronged his family. The rest of the story describes how he accomplishes it.

Pataal Bhairavi (1985)

A film in the Hindi language that is a swashbuckling fantasy produced by G. Hanumantha Rao’s Padmalaya Studios presented by Krishna and directed by K. Bapayya Bappi Lahiri composed the song which features Jeetendra and Jaya Prada. Patala Bhairavi a 1951 Telugu film starring N. T. Rama Rao Malathi and S. V. Ranga Rao is the basis for the remake.

Sonthakkaran (1989)

Action movie in the Tamil language with M. Saravanan M. Balasubramanian and M. S. Guhan serving as producers under the direction of L. Raja. Kondaveeti Dada a Telugu dub was done for the movie.

In addition to Sarath Babu Madhuri Radha Ravi and S. S. Chandran playing significant roles the movie stars Arjun and Nirosha. Chandrabose composed the soundtrack for the movie. On June 16 1989 the movie opened in theaters. Upon release the movie was a financial success.

Yuvaraj (Nassar) is detained by Rajadurai (Arjun) after he kills an elderly man and rapes a woman. Rajadurai loses his job after being falsely accused of rape by Yuvaraj’s father Chalapathi Rao (Radha Ravi). To get revenge on Rajadurai Yuvaraj returns from prison.

Thalattu Ketkuthamma (1991)

silk smitha Thalattu Ketkuthamma

Raj Kapoor made his directing debut in 1991 with the Tamil-language drama film Thalattu Ketkuthamma. Kanaka and Prabhu both appear in the movie. Ilaiyaraaja composed the soundtrack for the movie which was produced by Vijayalakshmi Srinivasan and Kanchana Sivaraman. Chittemma Mogudu is the Telugu name of the remake.

A young man named Raasaiyya (Prabhu) pressures his uncle to help him get married as soon as feasible (Goundamani). Pechiamma (Kanaka) his cousin is a young tomgirl. Pechiamma believes she will pass away after the marriage after witnessing her friend Valli (Mounica) die while giving birth.

Finally Raasaiyya marries Pechiamma. Raasaiyya is now avoided by Pechiammaeven though he values her. One day Pechiamma is raped by the inebriated Raasaiyya in his home resulting in her becoming pregnant. The key events that follow make up the bulk of the narrative.

Ulle Veliye (1993)

Parthiban directed this Indian crime movie in the Tamil language. He Aishwarya and Shenbagam all appear in the movie. The movie which Seetha directed and produced debuted on April 16th 1993 with music composed by Ilaiyaraaja. Despite its offensive scenes and double entendres the movie was a financial success at the box office. In Hindi the movie was recreated as Mr. Azaad (1994).

Gajendran is a petty criminal who lives in a slum. His father was a laborer and a communist activist in the past. His supervisor murdered his father and his mother Rajalakshmi who was innocent was imprisoned for her husband’s slaying. Then Gajendran was born in prison. He then develops feelings for Meena a police officer. Later MLA Muthulingam sets fire to Gajendran’s shanties to win some support.

To combat injustices against the underprivileged Gajendran sits for and passes the IPS exam. He enlists in the police force but later accepts bribes from everyone even the underprivileged. Anti-corruption agents conduct a raid on Gajendran’s home one day and discover a large amount of cash there.

Shenbagam who is madly in love with Gajendran resolves to save him in court and tells the judge she was a prostitute who had made a lot of money to do so. She then takes her own life. After marrying Meena Gajendran decides to take up the battle against corruption.

Spadikam (1995)

Action drama film in the Malayalam language written and directed by Bhadran and produced by R. Mohan under the banner of Shogun Films. Rajendra Babu wrote the dialogue. Along with Urvashi Spadikam George K. P. A. C.

Lalitha Rajan P. Dev Silk Smitha Nedumudi Venu Chippy and V. K. Sreeraman play supporting parts and the movie stars Mohanlal and Thilakan. The film’s background score and original songs were written by S. P. Venkatesh.

The Dirty Picture (2011)

The life of Silk Smitha an Indian actress known for her sensual portrayals served as the inspiration for the 2011 Hindi-language biographical musical drama film The Dirty Picture. The plot is not formally based on Smitha alone as the directors have stated; rather it is based on many of her contemporaries like Disco Shanti.

It also parallels the private lives of other famous women such as Marilyn Monroe an icon of sex. Ekta Kapoor came up with the idea for the movie and requested that screenwriter Rajat Aroraa compose a script based on it. Milan Luthria then directed the movie which Shobha Kapoor and Ekta Kapoor also co-produced.

On December 2 2011 the anniversary of Smitha’s birth The Dirty Picture was made available in Hindi Telugu and Tamil around the globe. Lead actors include Tusshar Kapoor Naseeruddin Shah Emraan Hashmi and Vidya Balan. It was a critical and financial triumph upon release with Balan’s performance winning her the title of the film’s hero and receiving a great deal of praise.

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The movie has also drawn appreciation for showing women as strong contributors to a culture that is generally dominated by men. The song Ooh La La written by Rajat Aroraa with lyrics by Vishal-Shekhar became one of the year’s top chartbusters. The soundtrack for the movie was also a commercial success.

Career Timeline

YearSilk Smitha Movie NamesSilk Smitha Character Names
2002Reshma Ki JawaniN/A
1998Mera DeshN/A
1997Badmashon Ka RajaN/A
1996Bobbili BulloduItem Number
1996Coimbatore MappillaiItem Number
1996Time BombN/A
1996En Pondatti CollectorN/A
1996Pallivathukkal ThommichanKathreena
1996K. L. 7/95 Ernakulam NorthN/A
1996Karnataka SuputhraRosie
1996Sulthan HyderaliVolga
1996Kireedamillatha RajakkanmarRajamma
1996Dominic PresentationItem number
1996Aavathum Pennale Azhivathum Pennaleitem Number
1996Pacha ThoranamKanyaKumari
1996Maa Aavida CollectorBomma
1996SubashItem Number
1996RajaliGuest Role
1996Thirumbi PaarVasantha
1995Play GirlsN/A
1995Om Shakti Naag ShaktiN/A
1995KarmaItem Dancer
1995Lucky ManJillu
1995Vaanga Partner VaangaN/A
1995Raja MuthiraiN/A
1995Mazhavil KoodaramRathi Teacher
1995Bhale BulloduItem number
1995Chilakapachcha KaapuramItem number
1995SubhamastuItem number
1995Villadhi VillainN/A
1995Thottil KuzhandhaiN/A
1995Puthiya AatchiItem number
1995WitnessSpecial role
1995Special SquadMadhumathi
1995HighwayItem Dance
1995Kaattile Thadi Thevarude AanaN/A
1995Thumboli KadappuramClara
1995Three Men ArmyItem Dancer
1995Ganeshana GalateContract Killer
1995Muddayi MuddugummaItem number
1995Aasthi Mooredu Asha BaareduItem number
1995Kondapalli RattayyaItem number
1995Mr. VasuN/A
1994Kishkinda KandaHeroine
1994Ek HatyaraN/A
1994Aaya Jawani Jhoom KeN/A
1994Gharana AlluduItem Number
1994Atta KodalluN/A
1994Pari Poyina KhaideeluFemale Lead.
1994Alibaba Aradajanu DongaluSP’S Wife
1994Oru Vasantha GeethamN/A
1994Athiradi PadaiN/A
1994PriyankaSpecial Role
1994Seevalaperi PandiItem number
1994Vaanga Partner VaangaMenaka
1994Palnati PourushamBala
1994Bhale MavayyaItem Number
1994Donga RascalItem Number
1994President Gari AlluduItem Number
1994Bangaru MoguduItem Number
1994Maro Quit IndiaItem Number
1994CID Unnikrishnan B.A. B.Ed.N/A
1994Makkala SakshiItem number
1994Lockup DeathItem Number
1994Gentleman SecurityItem Dance
1994May MadhamPalakkattu Machanukku song
1994Veera PadhakkamN/A
1994AllaroduBeauty Queen Sneha
1994Time BombN/A
1994Palleturi MoguduItem Number
1993Sikandar Ki LalkarN/A
1993Govindha GovindhaGuest Appearance in song
1993Chinna AlluduItem Number
1993AarambhamItem Number
1993Sabash BabuCameo
1993Ulle VeliyeN/A
1993Kongu Chatu KrishnuduItem Number
1993Rajadhi Raja Raja Kulothunga RajaMarthanda Raja GambeeraKathavaraya Krishna KamarajanN/A
1993Kunthi PuthruduItem Number
1993Nallathe NadakkumRamadevi
1993Moondravadhu KannItem dancer
1993Bava BavamaridiChintamani
1993Saakshaal Sreeman ChaatthunniHerself special appearance in song
1993MafiaItem Dance
1993Muta MestriItem Number
1993Rowdy AnnayyaItem Number
1993Thodu DongaluItem Number
1993Assale Pellaina VaaniManga
1993Minmini PoochigalN/A
1992Pyas Bujhti NahinN/A
1992Mera Farz Mera KarzN/A
1992Bombay PoliceN/A
1992Thai MozhiGirlfriend
1992PangaliItem number
1992NaadodyItem dancer
1992Halli MeshtruN/A
1992AmaranArea Girl
1992Deiva KuzhanthaiKuyilu
1992Kizhakku VeluthachuAlamelu
1992David UncleSingari
1992Chevalier MichaelN/A
1992AnthamBar dancer
1992Subba Rayudi PelliN/A
1992Hosa Kalla Hale KullaN/A
1992Chillara Mogudu Allari KodukuN/A
1991Shiva DadaN/A
1991Qatil NighahenN/A
1991Mission 369N/A
1991Hawai DhamakaN/A
1991Doosri BiwiN/A
1991Aditya 369Rajanarthaki Nandini
1991Thambikku Oru PaattuN/A
1991Thalattu KetkuthammaDr. Mary
1991Onnum Theriyatha PappaN/A
1990Reshma Ki JawaniN/A
1990Pyasi Meri NigahenN/A
1990Maut Se MukabalaN/A
1990Lady TarzanN/A
1990Jawani Ki JalanN/A
1990Aag Lagi Barsat MeinN/A
1990Avasara Police 100Amulu
1990Gulabi RaatenAdvoate / Judge Sheela Mathur
1990Adhisaya ManithanNancy
1990Shesham ScreenilN/A
1990Naale EnnundekilJyothi
1990Neengalum HerothanN/A
1990Sunday 7 PMSherly
1990Maut Se MukkablaN/A
1989Kameena Kahin KaaN/A
1989GeethanjaliGuest appearance in song
1989Thiruppu MunaiN/A
1989Pick PocketN/A
1989O Varsham kurisina ratiriN/A
1989New YearDaisy
1989Miss PameelaN/A
1989Andru Peytha MazhaiyilCapri
1989Praayapoorthiyaayavarkku MaathramN/A
1989Preminchi ChooduSudha
1989Bamma Maata Bangaru BaataAnasuya
1989Ayyappa Swamy MahatyamN/A
1988Jawani Ka DushmanN/A
1988Gumrah JawaniN/A
1988Khaidi No.786Item Number
1988Ukku SankelluN/A
1988Vegu Chukka Pagati ChukkaN/A
1988Shri Datta DarshanDancer
1988Jyoti Devi MaaN/A
1988Poovukkul BoogambamN/A
1988Ganam Courtar AvargaleClient
1988Shenbagamae ShenbagamaeN/A
1988Paatti Sollai ThattatheAnushiya
1988Dhayam OnnuN/A
1988Raaga ThalangalN/A
1987Toofan Hi ToofanN/A
1987Hanthakudi VetaN/A
1987Daku RajaN/A
1987Badla Aurat KaN/A
1987Swatantraniki Oopiri PoyandiFemale Lead
1987Veera ViharamFemale Lead
1987Penn SimhamReshma
1987Alludu KosamN/A
1987Anjatha SingamN/A
1987CooliekkaranGuest Role
1986Khooni MeenaN/A
1986Khazane Ke LootereN/A
1986Izzat AabrooN/A
1986C.I.D. SilkN/A
1986Khaidi RudraiahN/A
1986Urukku ManushyanN/A
1986Kaithi RaniRani
1986Punnami RathriN/A
1986Kondaveeti RajaN/A
1986Nippulanti ManishiItem dancer
1986Annoru RaavilN/A
1986TigerItem Number
1986Tarzan SundariN/A
1986Engal Thaikulame VarugaN/A
1985Toofan RaniN/A
1985Naagin Bani DeewaniN/A
1985Anita Mera NaamN/A
1985Santhosha KanavukalN/A
1985Pataal BhairaviDancer
1985Bebbuli VetaN/A
1985Maya MohiniN/A
1985Dongallo DoraN/A
1985Darja DongaN/A
1985Visha KanyaN/A
1985Illaliko PareekshaN/A
1985Shri Datta DarshanamN/A
1985Aatma BalamN/A
1985Prema MayamN/A
1985Moodila MuchataN/A
1985Lady James BondN/A
1985Kumkuma Thanda SaubhagyaItem Number
1985Chorakku ChoraC.I.D Silk
1985Jeevante JeevanN/A
1985Chattamtho PoratamN/A
1985Kattula KondaiahItem dancer
1985Fauladi MukkaN/A
1984QaidiDancer in song Bongo Bongo
1984TharaasuItem number
1984Iru MethaigalN/A
1984Idavelakku SeshamDolly
1984S. P. BhayankarN/A
1984Agni GundamN/A
1984Aada PuliN/A
1984Bhola ShankaruduN/A
1984Bangaru KapuramN/A
1984Seethamma PelliN/A
1984Neengal KettavaiRavi’s Girlfriend
1984Prachanda KullaItem Number
1984Avalude ShapathamN/A
1984Sattathai ThiruthungalN/A
1984Vellai Pura OndruN/A
1984Neram Nalla NeramN/A
1983Thudikkum KarangalSeetha
1983Jaani DostLaila
1983Jeet HamaariSoni
1983Tarzan SundariN/A
1983Puli DebbaItem Number
1983KhaidiItem Number
1983Vellai RojaGuest Role
1983Theeram Thedunna ThiraSmitha
1983Soorakottai SingakuttiSokki
1983Silk Silk SilkPriya/Meena/Sheela (Triple Role)
1983Justice RajaItem dancer
1983Gedda MagaN/A
1983Adutha VarisuUsha
1983Sivappu SooriyanRani
1983Paayum PuliRoopa
1983Thai VeeduN/A
1983Malaioor MambattiyanN/A
1983Bhagavathipuram Railway GateN/A
1983Nizhal Moodiya NirangalN/A
1983Aayiram Nilave VaaN/A
1983Thanga MaganRekha
1983Uruvangal MaralamN/A
1983NeethibathiItem Dancer
1983Urangatha NinaivugalN/A
1983Sampoorna PremayanamItem Number
1983Gudachari No.1Item Number
1983Adavi SimhaluItem Number
1983Ennai Paar En Azhagai PaarN/A
1983Naan Unna NenachenN/A
1983Antha Sila NaatkalN/A
1982Paap Ko Jala DungaN/A
1982Moondram PiraiHeadmaster’s wife
1982RangaRavi’s girlfriend
1982Neram VandhachuRekha
1982Sagalakala VallavanLalitha
1982Theeradha Vilaiyattu PillaiMohan’s wife
1982Moondru MugamAsha
1982Paritchaikku NeramaachuN/A
1982Thanikattu RajaSpecial appearance
1982Pattanathu RajakkalRekha
1982Nandri Meendum VarugaN/A
1982Lottery TicketN/A
1982Kozhi KoovuthuChittu
1982Naa DesamN/A
1982Idiyum MinnalumSmitha
1982Parvaiyin MarupakkamAnitha
1982Sivantha KankalN/A
1982Boom Boom MaduN/A
1981Sneham Oru PravaahamN/A
1981Seethakoka ChilukaDavid’s wife
1981Gharana GanguluN/A
1981Pinneyum Pookkunna KaaduN/A
1981Inaye ThediN/A
1981Alaigal OivathillaiElissy
1981Nizhal YudhamN/A
1981Needhi PizhaithathuN/A
1981Koyil PuraaBaby
1980VandichakkaramSilk as bar girl
1979Edutha Sabantham MudipenN/A
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Net Worth

Net Worth

India welcomed Silk Smitha into the world on December 2 1960. This Indian actress who has appeared in numerous Malayalam Tamil Hindi and Telugu films is most known for playing Silk in the 1979 film Vandichakkaram.

The actress formerly known as Vijayalakshmi changed her stage name to Silk Smitha after acting in this movie. In the well-liked 1982 Tamil movie Moondram Pirai she shared the screen alongside Kamal Haasan.

She started in the entertainment business as a makeup artist but switched to acting after Vinu Chakravarthy an actor and director became her mentor. Before she passed away actress Silk Smitha had a net worth of $1 to $5 million. She made the money working as a professional movie actress. She is an Indian.

Fun Facts

  • Smitha loves doing makeup since her childhood.
  • Silk was introverted and found it difficult to make new friends.
  • Smitha was popular for her doe-like eyes golden complexion and well-built physique.
  • Smitha was also known by the name of Bag Girl of Bollywood.
  • Silk’s overalls received 7.75K likes across all of her photos.
  • Silk speaks very fluent English despite her limited education.
  • Silk Smitha has a relationship with Rajnikanth.

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