September Coloring Pages

Get these cute September coloring pages for kids that you can easily download and print for free.

Hello coloring friends!

It’s almost September! So even if it’s sweltering where you are, rest easy knowing that fall is right around the corner, bringing with it cooler temperatures.

What does September look like for you and your kids?

For me, September means all the kids go back to school. We had to wear several sweaters to spend the cool evenings watching the first football games of the school season. Additionally, we love taking short trips to find farms with apple orchards!

I hope these September themed coloring pages will get everyone excited for the fun month that marks the start of a new season. 🙂

September coloring pages printable

You can choose from four versions of the September coloring pages, so if you’re in a few different age groups there’s probably something for everyone!

Terms of Use: Print as many copies as you like for your children, students, after-school groups, campers, church groups, etc. To share, please send a link to this page. Please do not sell them, email them, share copies online, or distribute them in any way for any other purpose. Thank!

Simple September color palette

Two simple September coloring sheets featuring leaves and cute apple, acorn, backpack and mushroom characters.

These first printable September coloring pages are super cute and pretty simple, with just a few elements related to the early days of fall and back-to-school time. Kids will love coloring the cute autumn leaves and characters!

Simple September coloring pages with cute apples, mushrooms, acorns and falling leaves

Simple September coloring pages with apples, backpacks, acorns and cute falling leaves

September color palette with more details

Older children may enjoy coloring pages that offer even more content. There are many of the same elements as the first part, but they also include a soccer ball, some fall flowers, and a cute squirrel mascot. So much fun for September!

Two September-themed coloring pages with leaves, acorns, soccer balls, school supplies, apples and a squirrel.

September letters with apple, backpack, worm and cute egg to color

September coloring pictures with apples, acorns, backpacks, soccer balls and cute squirrels

Add fun colors

Benefits of coloring

Many children love to color, and the good news is that time spent coloring these types of pictures is absolutely enriching! Just think, while you enjoy quiet creative time with your child, they are building fine motor skills and developing attention and concentration. Mindfulness studies also show that coloring can reduce anxiety in children.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy my September coloring pages today!


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