‘RHOD’ Star Jojo Robinson Shares Snaps of Her Family on Holiday, Netizens React: “Fav Outfit by Far”

  • Real Housewives Of Durban star Jojo Robinson has shared photos of herself and her family
  • The reality TV star posted pictures of them on vacation on her Instagram page
  • Many netizens praised Jojo Robinson and her family, with some saying she looked amazing.

Jojo Robinson shared photos of her and her family'RHOD' star Jojo Robinson and her family had a great vacation. Photo: @jojo.robinsonSource: Instagram

Jojo Robinson shows off her gorgeous family

“Holiday photo collection, @luxgrandgaube. #realhousewivesofdurban #Rhodurban #realhousewivesofdurban #therealhousewivesofdurban #housewivesofdurban #holidayideas #mauritiusholiday #couplehumor #couples #holidays #islandholidays #luxgrandgaube”

Fans praise Jojo's family

“My friends.”

“Favorite outfit ever.”

“I'm here to take the first photo.”

“Oh my gosh, how many gorgeous outfits have you taken?”

“Love the floral swimsuit.”

“What a wonderful family, Jo.”

“You guys are #familyfirst #familygoals, love the unconditional love shown time and time again. You guys have such an amazing family, love you so much.”

Jojo Says Goodbye to RHOD

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