Prince Kaybee Shares That an Employee Stole From Him: “I’m So Disappointed, Man”

  • Prince Kaybee recently shared on social media that an employee stole his belongings, expressing his disappointment.
  • The incident adds to a trend of celebrities like DJ Zinhle and Faith Nketsi facing similar betrayals.
  • Briefly News interviewed expert Paula Quinsee, who emphasized the importance of promptly addressing workplace issues to maintain a healthy work environment.

Prince Kaybee tells of his employee stealing from himPrince Kaybee revealed that an employee stole his belongings. Photo: @princekaybee_saSource: Instagram

Prince Kaybee's staff steals from him

“Today an employee stole something from me, first time in my life. I'm so disappointed, man.”

Experts weigh in on how employers can handle such situations

“Your employees are your business, and if your employees are unwell, your business is unwell, leading to factors such as absenteeism, reduced productivity, low employee morale and high turnover. It is important to address any issues as they arise in an amicable manner by encouraging open dialogue and active listening with all stakeholders.”

“Keep a record of incidents that occurred, such as inappropriate behavior (theft), confrontational situations, etc. This will help you provide evidence if needed, but also provide context to situations if you are unsure about whether your experiences were real (e.g. bullying, narcissism, psychological manipulation, etc.).

“Practicing mindfulness techniques like meditation and journaling can help reduce stress and relax you so you can manage your energy.”

Fans sympathize with Prince Kaybee

“@PrinceKaybee_SA don't be so quick to fire him/her. Try talking to that employee if he/she really stole and returned what he/she stole and also showed remorse then give that person a warning.”

“Oh my! A friend tricked me. A brother I trusted, was close to… I let him and his woman stay at my house, etc. Don't trust anyone in JHB.”

“Replace someone with me, I won't steal, I just need to earn a little.”

“Sorry, man. That's just the way things are in business.”

“It was unnecessary and I hope he knows there's no going back. He's ruined everything.”

Faith Nketsi criticised after revealing Malawian maids robbed her

Source: News Summary

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