Ntsiki Mazwai Raises Funds for Legendary Madala Kunene’s Medical Procedures, SA Weighs In

  • Activist Ntsiki Mazwai raises funds for legendary musician Madala Kunene
  • The star shared a video calling for support and donations to pay for Madala's medical procedures.
  • Ntsiki Mazwai also criticised the Minister of Sports, Arts and Culture for doing nothing to help artists.

Ntsiki Mazwai is raising funds for a legendary artistNtsiki Mazwai appeals for donations to pay for Madala Kunene's medical procedures. Photo: @ntsikimazwaimediaSource: Instagram

Ntsiki Mazwai raises funds for Madala Kunene

“backabuddy.co.za/campaign/madala-kunene-solidarity-fund. WE HAVE NO DEPARTMENT OF ARTS AND CULTURE to regulate this industry, now we have to fundraise for an ENTIRE legend cc @zizikodwa.”

SA weighs in on Ntsiki's gesture

“We read about artists buying fancy cars and houses every day, and we never ask them to pay more taxes. When the day comes when they have eaten all the money, suddenly sports and culture become an issue? Why don't footballers ever complain? What about engineers, nurses, counselors? Why is it always the artists?”

“Zizi will run up after the procedure is done and say… Congratulations to the medical team, the nurses. They did a great job.”

“What does the Ministry of Arts and Culture actually do with that cut money?

“This is a really bad situation.”

“Artists, artists, artists! What are you guys supposed to do! We work independently, pay for insurance/policies and other expenses. We will be exploited throughout the process. So why don't you create a structure like we all do ourselves. How do other countries do it?”

“@zizikodwa you need to start doing your job and stop being useless. You need to pay for all the necessary medical procedures.”

Ntsiki Mazwai mocks Quinton Jones

Source: News Summary

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